Baldwin to Biddis to Rockett to Rutherford
and Beyond

There is a hope
that's been expressed in you
the hope of seven generations maybe more
and this is the faith
that they invest in you
it's that you'll do one better than was done before

A song lyric from "May i Suggest"
by Susan Werner
This research effort started out as a diary of my efforts to trace family roots. The diary got too confusing after awhile as I tracked more and more surnames and copied ever more emails and tidbits from google searches. Since I already had a technical web site up and running for my work, I decided to place my information on the web. My own relatives can come here any time and read the latest, and all those fellow detectives hunched over computers late at night can perhaps find a nugget or two buried in these pages; I know how grateful I am to the people who put their documents on the web for me to discover.

One thing I learned from writing e-books is that they are a whole new paradigm; they are essentially life works. They never get completed. They never stop being edited. They are a process and not a product. So this book, like all e-books is a life long work-in-progress. When I die, it becomes an archive or the work of someone else.

This web site/ e-book begins this day, August 5, 2002. The diary began earlier in 2002, and I had done research in the 1970's while an optometry student in Chicago. My father did some work in the late 1940's, and aunts and cousins have also contributed over the years. Let me emphasize, if you are a relative, that it is very important for you to comment if you have something to share. My email is:

I organized this e-book by surname. I may change the format from time to time. You can search the site using the Free Find system below:

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Paternal Surnames

The Baldwin Line

The Rutherford Line

The Johnston Line

The Wallace Line

The Mair Line

The Mc Ewan Line

The Bellinger Line


Maternal Surnames

The Biddis Line

The Rockett Line

The Griswold Line

The Small Line

The Bell Line