Johnston Family Genealogy

My great, great grandparents were Walter Rutherford and Janet Johnson. They were both from Longformacus, Berwickshire in the borders region of Scotland. They were born there, Janet in 1818. They married down the road a piece in the coastal town of Cockburnspath, Scotland in 1841. They boarded a boat soon after marriage probably, and sailed to Canada, settling in the Northumberland region of Ontario. Janet's brother John and his family (wife Helen Dickson) were already in Northumberland Ontario, having left Scotland about 1836, according to one account. Walter's situation is less clear. Rutherford family lore says that his family, John Rutherford his father, Isabella Douglas his mother, and all his siblings also sailed to Northumberland Canada about 1836. This means, as is so typical in genealogy research, that something is wrong. The marriage information might be incorrect. There might be another Janet and Walter who got married in 1842. Janet and Walter might have sailed separate from the family later. Or, the entire Rutherford clan didn't leave until after 1841. More research is needed.

Janet's parents were John Johnston and Mary Hope. They were married in Longformacus May, 1794. They had 12 children; Janet was the next to the are the kids:

Mary (died young)
George (died young)