The Baldwin Line

Male Lineage: Baldwin history is traced to England in this manner


Douglas Lee Baldwin married Katherine Louise Jones (in Flint, MI, 1968)
Douglas Wallace Baldwin married Grace Marie Biddis (Flint, MI, 1943)
Leo Baldwin married Mable Rutherford (Flint, MI, 1918)
Marquis La Fayette Baldwin married Mary Bellinger, his fourth wife (unknown marriage date and location); moved from Illinois to Michigan (died in Illinois while visiting his sister Jane)


Daniel Baldwin married Susan Baldwin (New Milford, Conn., November 8, 1809); moved from Connecticut to Illinois


Theophilus III Baldwin married Martha Sherwood (unknown place and location)
Theophilus II Baldwin married Jerusha Beecher (July 5, 1722, unknown place)
Theophilus Baldwin married Elizabeth Canfield (unknown marriage date and location)
Richard Baldwin married Elizabeth Alsop (February 5, 1642 or 43, unknown location)
Sylvester Baldwin (the II?) married Sarah Bryan (1620 in England) (he died on the ship Martin on the way to America)


Sylvester Baldwin married Jane Welles (1590 in England)
Henry Baldwin (b. 1528) married to Alice (Klinge) KING (unknown marriage date and location)
Richard Baldwin (b. 1500) married to Ellen Apoke (1522; unknown location)
Richard Edward Baldwin (unknown wife, date and location of marriage) (b 1468)
William Baldwin (b. 1441) married Jane Aylesbury (b. 1443) (unknown location)
John Baldwin: (b. 1415) is as far back as we can get (unknown wife, marriage location and date)

Pictures of Baldwin Relatives

The History of the Surname, Symbols (Crests, Flags, Tartans)

The Log

Friday June 28, 2002:

Back in the early 1970's, when I was studying Optometry at the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago, I went to a famous genealogy library (Newberry, I think). I was pretty naive then I guess, because all I did was trace the Baldwin male line back through history, back to England. My grandmother was alive then and I had written to her asking about my grandfather, her husband Leo Baldwin and his ancestry. I feel dumb now that I didn't ask her more about her life, her feelings, her childhood, and her ancestry. I do have the letter from her that she wrote in answer to my letter. I reproduce it here exactly as her letter reads (I laminated the original and have it stored for safe keeping):


So there is this great letter from my grandmother with lots of clues. It's very much like a great detective story, trying to piece together past lives; trying to determine the gene pool that swims in my own and children's blood (although they are much Swedish thanks to their mother's grandmother (Florence- Carlsen- Shore; her parents came straight from Sweden).

At this moment, I cannot trace Mable Rutherford past Lapeer, Michigan. There is no birth record and there is no hint of her parent's names. My father and his siblings remember close to nothing. This is because my grandfather, Leo Baldwin died a very young man (from an infection I was told). My dad was nine at the time he lost his father. Mable had to raise three boys (Doug, Forrest, Leo Jr.) and three girls (Barbara, Mary Belle, and Dona Mae) all by herself with next to no money (she never remarried); and all through the depression years. Wow. Those kids all came out okay, too. I'm proud of my aunts and uncles. They have a collective Baldwin humor, wired nervous systems, and a tinge of melancholy that they keep pretty much under control.

Saturday June 29, 2002:

It's Noah's birthday. He's 22 today, has a four day old baby boy (Jared), and starts college Monday to study computers. The genealogical tree has sprouted a new direction.

Grace called this morning to say that Don's father had died. Don Robbins is Barbara's husband. They were married before Kathy and I so they must be on anniversary 36 or 37 (we were married June 1, 1968 at the Episcopal Church in Flint where Kathy's parents Jim and Marietta belonged). The funeral is Tuesday in Kalamazoo.

I have been working to correct my oversight of just following the male Baldwin line back and have started to trace the roots of my grandmothers. As I was doing this, I discovered that my great, great grandfather Daniel Baldwin married his cousin Susan Baldwin, which is strange, nice, and probably not unusual (to marry a cousin). What it means is that there is another Baldwin strand going off in an unexpected direction. The problem is that I have run into a dead end when it comes to Susan's background. One thing I read was that her father's name was John Baldwin.

I have my old notes from the Newberry Library in Chicago. Regarding Theophilus Baldwin the second, I have written that he had ten children. One was my great, great, great grandfather (Daniel's dad) Theophilus the Third.

Following male surnames back is an okay way to trace history so long as the grandmother surnames are part of the picture. Using this approach, I'll start by tracing four surnames back as far as I can take them. My goal is to see if the "English, Dutch, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish" oral history is correct and if so (or not) how does it play out. I'll start with the Baldwin line, the Biddis line, the Rutherford line, and the Rockett line.

Our branch of the Baldwins left New Milford, Connecticut and traveled to La Salle County, Illinois. That is where we find Daniel and Susan Baldwin, who appear to be the first of our line to move from Connecticut to Illinois. My great grandfather (son of Daniel) was Marquis La Fayette Baldwin (I have seen it written: "de la Fayette"). Marquis moved to Geneseeville, Michigan where my grandfather Leo was born. Leo moved to Flint with Mable, and that is why we find ourselves here in Mid-Michigan.

I have three letters out right now. One to La Salle County, Illinois inquiring about Daniel, Susan, Marquis and the early Baldwins. There is a book by Elmer Baldwin about the pioneering families of La Salle County, Illinois that I need to see. There is good evidence that this Elmer Baldwin was related to Daniel and Susan.

I also sent a letter to the Lapeer Genealogy Society asking about records regarding the Rutherford line. The third letter went to Blandford Ontario inquiring about the Rockett and Biddis clans. None of the letters have been answered; I may end up having to travel to these places to do research. That sounds like fun actually.

Most of my records are about the well traced Baldwin line. Since I have so much (relatively) on my great grandfather, Marquis La Fayette Baldwin, I'll start with him.

For some reason, I have a real copy of the medical "magazine" The Bulletin" dated May 18, 1938. It was sent to my father from a medical doctor who wrote the article in "The Bulletin" about my great grandfather Dr. Marquis LaFayette Baldwin. The author was R. (Raymond) S. Morrish, M.D. The Bulletin is subtitled "Official Publication of the Genesee County Medical Society (Vol. 10, No. 10). There is a great picture of Marquis in the center of the page, showing a very long white beard, balding head, and deep set intense eyes. The entire article, as written by Dr. Morrish, is available for review, as is a copy of the letter sent to my father from Dr. Morrish.


There are several good leads in this article that could be followed. Marquis went to the Medical University of New York City in 1850. There must be some records there. Theophilus II was in the Revolutionary War. If that is true, there surely are some records. There must also be a record of his appointments, for example to the army of the Potomac during the Civil War in 1863, to the Democratic Convention, etc. I just remember also that I was told his surgical instruments had been on display at Hurley Hospital. Maybe Hurley has an historian.

I have two original letters from Marquis to his family. He must have been living in Ottawa, Illinois or he was there for an extended visit, because the letters are from Illinois to the family back in Michigan. I'm not sure if Mable sent these letters to me or if my dad dug them up many years ago. At any rate, that's enough about the Baldwin line tonight.

Sunday, June 30, 2002 (1102 Cass, Saginaw Michigan):

Here is my grandfather's obituary, probably from the Flint Journal. I have it laminated under a picture of him and Mabel and relatives.

"Leo Baldwin, 45 years old, 717 Lomita Avenue . He died of pneumonia at Hurley Hospital early today after a weeks illness. A lifelong resident of Flint and vicinity, he was born February 17, 1887, in Genesee, a son of Dr. and Mrs. Marcus F. Baldwin. He married Mable Rutherford, who survives him, November 9, 1918, in Flint. Other survivors are three sons, Leo Jr., Forest, and Douglas, and three daughters Mary Belle, Barbara, and Donna Mae, all at home; two brothers, C.P. Baldwin of Flint and Fayette Baldwin of Lapeer, and a sister, Mrs. Beatrice Wheeler of Long Beach, California."

I see that they referred to my great grandfather as "Marcus F." which might indicate another way he referred to himself, but is probably an error.

I spent the usual frustrating evening on the internet trying to find anything at all about the other three surname lines. I sent off three emails to people on surname lists asking for help. I did just today get an email from a Charles Rockett who is active on his own web site and on the Rockett surname mailing list. He had no information about Rilla or Charles Herbert Rockett but said he would pass the inquiry along to others who might know. That's at least hopeful. I am on the La Salle County genealogy mailing list and heard from a Marna from California who monitors the list. She referred me to a Wally Baldwin who was also researching the Baldwins of La Salle County. My cousin is named Wally and I though perhaps they were one and the same. I've asked twice if he is my cousin but get no response to this part of my question (it wasn't my cousin). He seems to have an extensive database about the Baldwin line. I'm waiting to hear from him (he never got back to me).

Okay, let's try one more search and then get back to house chores. I did search for cigar factories in Flint on the net yesterday but came up dry. Since we are concentrating on Marquis LaFayette lately, I'll try to track his medical school today on the net. No luck with the New York medical school but did find the approximate year of birth for Susan Baldwin (Daniel's wife): about 1790. Also found an extensive pedigree chart for Jerusha Beecher.

Later in the day:

Searching in the Rootcellar, I found Leo and Mable (they used that spelling). It said that Leo had a previous wife Catherine Tompkins.

Monday July 1, 2002:

I need an Illinois map of La Salle County, maybe an old one. I should call their library. It looks like Ottawa is a target area for research. I had heard that there was a "professor out east" in the family. It looks like it might be a high school professor, Howard. I wonder who these people are that he is staying with. Must be a sister (he says it is his sister Jane) and these are her kids. That should be traceable. Marquis had nine brothers and sisters and I have all the names. They were all born in La Salle County. It looks like the Bible was intended anyway to be sent up this way (by Aggie, a male it appears, spelling may be wrong).

I was just searching for John Baldwin (Susan's Father) in Mount Toms, Connecticut. There is a Mount Toms (hill) located in the town of New Preston, Connecticut, north of New Milford; both towns are in Litchfield County.

Much later; 11:45 PM:

Just got back from the Kalamazoo area for a funeral service for Don's dad. The Robbins family is intertwined with ours, and Don is a very special person. He met Barbara when they were just teenagers so he's been a part of the Baldwin family for well over thirty years.

I drove the big van to Durand where Kathy and I picked up Doug and Grace. Dad is eighty this August and he doesn't like driving in the dark, so I drove the four of us to Kalamazoo (actually Otsego, northwest of KaZoo). I started talking genealogy with dad and before I knew it the three hour trip was over. I am excited with all the information he gave me once he started thinking about the past. Also, Grace helped with the Rockett story, although she and Kath were talking in the back captain seats about other topics. Here's a run down of what I found out (I couldn't write everything down so I am afraid I forgot some things). Dad said to talk with Leo (Jr) and Mary Belle since they seemed to know most about family history.

I'll just quote randomly from my notes. First, he thinks the spelling is "Mable." He says that Mable lived most of her life in Imlay City. Maybe in her letter Mable meant that she was born in the County of Lapeer and not necessarily in the city of Lapeer. He also said Capac might be the place (it wasn't). The woman searching for her Rutherford relatives was looking in the Almont area which is just south of Imlay City (Rose Albin from Caro). Mable's mother's name was Sadie Wallace (another great Scottish name). Mable had two sisters and two or three brothers. The sisters names were Beatrice and Nettie. Beatrice married a man named Smith and she had a bunch of kids (nine or ten my dad thinks). Leo Baldwin's brother (I don't know which one yet) married Nettie; so Baldwin brothers married Rutherford sisters.

There is a very sad story that I encountered talking with my father. Mable was present when Nettie (Baldwin/nee Rutherford) died during childbirth. I don't know if the baby died (My mother remembers a little girl named Dolores, they think). Nettie's older girl was named Dolly (Baldwin). The little girl was either the baby or she was a younger daughter of Nettie. Anyway, Beatrice adopted Dolly. The younger child was adopted by a family named Marshall (they think). Beatrice had too many kids to deal with and couldn't take on the little one.

Beatrice (Smith/nee Rutherford) had a daughter named Bonnie Lynn who married into the Simes family. My folks think that Bonnie Lynn Simes lives in Lapeer somewhere and knows much about the Rutherfords because Sadie Wallace came to live with Beatrice and her family when my grandfather Rutherford died (We have this record: County of Lapeer, Arcadia Township, 5541 Lum Road). Sadie lived for many years with the Smith family before she died. Bonnie Lynn grew up with her grandmother in the house.

My father remembers driving to visit the Rutherford farm in the family's Star automobile; called a Star car. All the roads were dirt and it took a while to get from Flint to Imlay City. My father says that Howard Rutherford had two sons who became Baptist ministers. He also says that after Nettie died her husband (Leo's brother) died in an accident which is why the kids had to be adopted.

I mentioned to my father that I had discovered that his dad Leo had been married once (to Catherine Tompkins) before he married Mable. To my surprise, he said that he knew this (that he had a half sister) because she had come to Leo's funeral, from California (after the divorce from Leo. Catherine moved to California and took the daughter with her). Dad said that Leo Jr. could fill in details about this.

Leo senior (my grandfather) worked in the same cigar factory as Mable (maybe met her there?). He also said that after marriage Leo worked downtown in Flint, across from the Flint River, as the manager of a "mall" type building that had a pool hall, bar, and barbershop in the same place (two story building).

My dad also said that Leo left home when he was about 12. He also said that he (my dad) met my mother when he was about 12. He had been Stan's (Biddis) friend and he pedaled papers in her neighborhood I. remember now my grandmother Rilla (or Mose) telling me that my dad hung around their house so much that there was a grease spot on their wall from where he leaned his head (while sitting I guess). He and Stan signed up for World War II on the same day.

Carthon, Leo's brother was called "Car" (no, it was Carth).

Tuesday July 2, 2002:

Hey, this is a good day. Just got an email from Richard Richardson who has extensive records on his family which passes through the Rutherford line. I'll copy his email below:

Hi Doug,

I have the following information on Leo and Mable (Rutherford) Baldwin

Leo Baldwin son of Marquis Lafayette Baldwin and Mary A. (Bellinger) Baldwin married Mable Rutherford, daughter of Robert Rutherford and Sarah (Wallace) Rutherford on 9 Nov 1918, Flint, Genesee Co., MI. Mable was born in Imlay City , Lapeer Co., MI (source: Genesee Co. Marriage Records: Vol 9 p.147)

Leo Baldwin married (his first wife) Catherine Tompkins on 27 March 1906 at Flint, in Genesee Co, MI. (source Genesee Co. Marriages Vol 7 p. 132)

Leo Baldwin died 03 May 1932 at Hurley Hospital , Flint, MI of Lobar Pneumonia, (Genesee Co Death Record, book: D-04 p. 108.) The death notice appeared on 03 May 1932, p3 col.4, in The Flint Journal.

Leo Baldwin is buried in Gracelawn Cemetery Flint, MI, Section: D Lot:413 W/12 Grave 04.

Nettie Mae Baldwin is buried in Gracelawn Cemetery Flint, MI Section: D Lot 413 W/12 Grave:05. Leo's grave has a tombstone, however Nettie's grave is unmarked.

Nettie Mae (Rutherford) Baldwin was the daughter of Robert Rutherford and Sarah (Wallace) Rutherford. She was born in Imlay City, Lapeer Co, MI. She married John Baldwin (Leo's Brother) on 7 Dec 1918 Flint, Genesee Co., MI. She died on 27 April 1921 during childbirth.

Carthon Baldwin (Leo's brother) and his family are buried in Section H, Lot :299.

Leo's parents: Mary A Bellinger daughter of Solomon and Margaret (Morris/Mowers) Bellinger was born in 1850 in Genesee Co, MI. She died 4 April 1898 Genesee Co, MI.

Marquis Lafayette Baldwin MD was the son of Daniel and Susan Baldwin. He was born 18 Aug 1822, Northville, New Milford, Conn. He died 1 Jan 1900 at Ottawa, IL. He was an early member of Genesee County Medical Society.

I have no information on the children of Leo Baldwin. If you could supply me with the information on his children, I would greatly appreciate it. I also do not have any additional information on either Catherine Tompkins Baldwin or Mable Rutherford Baldwin.

I hope that this information helps. Please write back when you have a moment.

Thanks! your distant cousin.

Richard Richardson

Just got another message from Richard Richardson; this IS a good day:

Hi Doug,

Thanks for all the information on Leo and Mable's family. I am still trying to digest all of it.

Your grandfather did live on Lomita Ave, it is a street in the north end of Flint. East Lomita would be east of Saginaw Street, headed toward Industrial Ave. Lomita is near Gracelawn Cemetery. I grew up in the north end of Flint, it has drastically changed. Gracelawn was once the premiere cemetery in Flint. In the past ten years, it has made a positive turn around. In the 1980s, the then president of the company embezzled the perpetual fund and the cemetery was in total disarray. Some individuals came in and cleaned it up and the state appointed a conservator who has helped establish some basic care.

The person with the Family Bible might be Mrs. Roy (or Ray) Garland. She is/was the daughter of Carthon P and Margaret Adah (Ferguson) Baldwin. At the time of Adah's death, 25 April 1953, she lived at 1205 W. Third St Flint, MI. I will try to get to the library in the next few days to see if I can track her down. (P.S. the Genesee Co Clerk's website shows a Roy Jerome Garland died 20 Apr 1970)

Children of Marquis Lafeyette and Mary A (Bellinger) Baldwin

First Child: Agnes Baldwin, born 26 Jan 1868, married 25 Sept 1897 to Ord Burns, died 29 Apr 1902 Burton, Genesee Co, MI

Ord Burns was the son of Henry Burns and Clara Ager Burns. He was born in New York and was married twice, first to Agnes Baldwin on 25 Sept 1897 and secondly to Elizabeth Currey, daughter of John Currey and Bridget O' Flarity on 5 Nov 1917. He died (?) on 17 Oct 1922, Flint, Genesee Co., MI

Second Child: Theophilus Baldwin, born 29 Jun 1869 (what is this:? 1 Sep 1869 Genesee Twp, Genesee Co, MI; Further records show that Theophilus was the first child born Sept 1, 1867 Agnes and Theophilus are the children of Martha Cone)

Third Child (Actually the first child with mary Bellinger): Carthon/Cathon P Baldwin, born 16 Jun 1874, married to (Margaret) Adah Ferguson, daughter of Nelson and Phoebe (Sharrard) Ferguson, died 25 July 1933 Flint, Genesee Co., MI. he was buried 29 July 1933 in Gracelawn Cemetery Section H, Flint, MI

Margaret Adah Ferguson Baldwin, born (?) 31 Dec 1888 Emmette??, MI., died 25 Apr, 1953 Flint, Genesee Co., MI. She was buried 28 Apr 1953 in Gracelawn Cemetery Section H, Flint, MI

Carthon and Adah had one daughter, Mrs. Roy (or Ray) Garland, and one son Norman E Baldwin (1822 Dakota Ave Flint), 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

Fourth Child: Victoria Baldwin: birth date unknown, married 2 May 1898 to Henry N. Anderson (??later divorced), died 1 July 1908 in Flint, Genesee Co., MI. She was buried 3 July 1908 in Avontine Cemetery, Flint MI

Henry N. Anderson was the son of Erastas and Lydia (Shea) Anderson. He was born in 1856 in Wayne Co, MI., married his first wife Victoria Baldwin 2 May 1898 and his second wife Josephine Schruble (daughter of David Gebo) date unknown.

Fifth Child: Beatrice Baldwin, born 19 Apr 1881 Genesee Twp, Genesee Co., MI., married to Robert Wheeler

Sixth Child: (La) Fayette Baldwin, born 15 Jan 1883 Geneseeville, Genesee Co, MI., married Catharine W. Forystek (daughter of John Forystek) on 27 June 1906, in Flint MI

Seventh Child: John B. Baldwin, born 10 Mar 1885, married his first wife Celina Turner (daughter of Andrew and Catherine (Rushie) Turner) on 27 Mar 1906 and his second wife Nettie Mae Rutherford (daughter of Robert and Sarah (Wallace) Rutherford from Imlay City, Lapeer Co., MI., on 7 Dec 1918 Flint, Genesee Co., MI. She (Nettie) died 16 Mar 1925 in Davison, Genesee Co, MI of eclampsia-child birth. and was buried 27 Apr 1921, buried at Gracelawn Cemetery

Eighth Child: Leo Baldwin, born 17 Feb 1887 Geneseeville, Genesee Co., MI. married his first wife Catherine Tompkins on 27 Mar 1906 and his second wife Mable Rutherford (daughter of Robert and Sarah Rutherford) on 9 Nov 1918. He died 3 May 1932 in Flint, Genesee Co., MI., and was buried 5 May 1932 in Gracelawn Cemetery sec D, Flint, MI

You did give me a big chuckle about the historian at Hurley Hospital. You are probably talking to him. I have worked at Hurley the past 32 years. It seems to me that maybe there was a display of surgical instruments 25 years ago when the Operating Room was on the 10 C wing of the old building. But, heaven knows what ever happened to it? Recently, the Vice-President for Nursing ( who passed away two weeks ago) affectionately called me a "dinosaur".

I have for the most part always lived in the Flint area except for two years when I finished my bachelor's degree at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. But there seems to me there was at least one cigar store/factory in the downtown Flint area, maybe on the old Waters Street. I have heard somewhere the connection between the cigar factory and the Baldwin family.

Well, I will close for now. I am currently off work on a sick leave and will try to go to the library in the next few days to see if I can find more.

Again, thanks for the info on Leo's and Mable's children. oh, yeah, did your grandmother die here in Flint and do you know where she is buried.

Take care, Richard

Wednesday, July 3, 2002 :

Anna is 17 today. We celebrated her birthday with Grace and Doug. She is working as a life guard at Anderson Water Park, and will be a senior at Arthur Hill High School next year. Doug and Grace gave her their "old" Buick (it was in great shape) when she was 16 and she has been pretty mobile ever since. It was a good day.

I got more chances today to bring up family genealogy, and got more clues from Doug and Grace. When I said that I was having a terrible time tracing the Biddis line, my dad said that he had also gotten no where with the Biddis surname. (he searched back in the late 40's on the family history). Then, almost to herself, my mother said she was pretty sure that either Mose's dad or his grandparents came directly from Wales. That made a light come on.

I can't find the Biddis, Rutherford and Wallace clans because they were the emigrants. What I have to figure out now, I think, is how to trace people in transit; probably through naturalization records, ship passenger lists, and the memory of ancestors (or family documents).

Other notes: My father said that Dr. Morrish contacted Mable with the information he had about Marquis. That's when he got interested and went to see Dr. Morrish in person. That's when he got The Bulletin. He said that the Winter Haven paper had Mable's obituary. Grace said she had a copy somewhere and would look. Evidently she has a pile of stuff that she can't find. Doug also said that he had a picture that showed all of Leo's brothers together. He said there was a brother I didn't have on the list, Jim Baldwin. He also said that John Baldwin was always called Jack. My Uncle Forest evidently has Flint Journal articles about Baldwin brothers who flew planes in World War Two. These were the sons of Jim Baldwin my dad thinks. Frank Baldwin was shot down over the Pacific and survived in the ocean seven days before being rescued.

Saturday, July 6, 2002:

Just checked my email. Finding Richard Richardson was incredible. The guy is a dynamo. Here's his email:

Hi Doug,

I am surprised that you too grew up in the north end of Flint. We lived on Baltimore near Dupont. Lomita is just south of Pierson Rd, next to Marengo Ave. It runs east off Saginaw toward Industrial Ave.

Furthermore, our father was a carpenter and worked for a company called Quality Home Improvement. They had an office on the southwest corner of Saginaw and Piper.

Oh, well, so much for "Memory Lane". Let me tell you what I have found since we last communicated.

I went to the Perry Archives at the Sloan Museum (in Flint) on Wednesday. Merle Perry was an avid genealogist who was active in the Flint Genealogical Society. He also worked at the Sloan Museum. Upon his death, all of his research was transferred to the Sloan Museum. They have made a special collection of his material because it has extensive genealogical significance to several families in Genesee County. The Flint Genealogical Society has a volunteer who works there on M-Tue-W. His name is Dale Ladd and he is one of the best genealogist in this area. I just wish I had half of his knowledge. This is what we found.

Dr. Marcus LaFayette Baldwin's third wife was Martha Cone. There was two Cone families from Connecticut that settled in Genesee County. The first was Norman Cone and the second was Francis Cone. We did find a notation on the Carpenter Road Cemetery " Francis Cone died 17 July 1859, 42y, 3 m, [prob. Husband of Severa and father of Martha A Baldwin d. 1869 33y]. This cemetery was read and indexed by Merle Perry in the 1950's or 1960's. Apparently at some point, all the tombstones and one body was transferred to the Mt Morris City Cemetery. Dale states that the cemetery was never used again and remains vacant. I will try to find out more behind this move. The 1869 date does not fit in with the birth of Agnes Baldwin 26 Jan 1868(?). She was supposedly the first child of Marcus and Mary (Bellinger) Baldwin.

Next, I went to the main branch of the Flint Public Library. We have an extensive genealogy collection. I did find obituaries for Roy J. Garland (d. 20 April 1970) and his wife Gertrude I. Garland, (d. 27 March 1994).

These obituaries do not give the maiden name for Gertrude. I was hoping to go to the Genesee Co. Clerk's office today, but they were closed. The obituary for Roy J Garland cites a daughter Mrs. Phyllis McDonald of Lansing and son Jack C. Garland of Flint. The obituary for Gertrude Ileene Garland cites only the son, Jack P. Garland of Grand Blanc and the names of several grandchildren.

I will try to go to the Genesee Co. Clerk's office next Friday when the FGS volunteers are there to see if the maiden name of Gertrude is in the records- if she was a Baldwin.

I also found a stone (in Imlay City Cemetery) for David and Abigail Ferguson, I will have to see if I have the name of the parents of (Margaret ) Adah Ferguson Baldwin, the wife of Carthon P. Baldwin, maybe she too was from Imlay City area.

Well I will close for now? Do you use a genealogy program for your research or just your diary. I use the Personal Ancestral File program put out by the LDS. It is free, off the internet, let me know if you are interested and I will give you the website.

Well, I will close for now. Need to run to the midnight madness sale at Meijers.

Take care, Doug!
your distant cousin,


Thursday, July 11, 2002:

Back for a few days from vacation. Got an email from Leo (Jr., my uncle) today. He says that both his mother and father (Mable and Leo) worked in a cigar factory and might have met there. He says it might or might not have been in Flint. Leo senior worked in the Flint Water Works for a while. His last job was at the Guy Lewis Pool Hall on South Saginaw Street at the Railroad crossing. Leo says he can remember the relatives playing Pedro after the kids were put to bed.

Friday July 12, 2002:

Two new messages from Richard:

Hello again,

I was able to revisit the Early Genesee Co. Birth and Death records. I found:

Book 1 of Deaths, p.30
#22, September 22, 1869,
Martha A. Baldwin, female, married, 33 yrs, Typhoid Fever,
born in Michigan,
parents: Francis Corn (deceased) and Severa H. (born Michigan). [ I believe that her father's name should have been Francis Cone]

Book 1 of Deaths
September 1, 1867, Theophilus Baldwin, male, single, 2 yr 12 months, brain fever, born in Michigan,
parents: M.L Baldwin , born Conn, Mother: Martha Baldwin, born Mich.

Book 1 of Births, p28.
Agnes Baldwin, Jan 26, 1868, female, born Genesee Twp, Father: Marcus F. Baldwin, born Conn.,
Mother: Martha Baldwin, born Mich.

[ it looks like the two oldest children that I thought were children of Marquis L.F. and Mary A. (Bellinger) Baldwin were actually children of Marquis L.F. and Martha (Cone) Baldwin]

I also found the birth record for:
Book 6, p. 1304
Gertrude Baldwin, September 23, 1907, female, born in Flint, parents: Canton (Carthon) Baldwin, and Ada Ferguson, born Mich,
Occupation of father: painter.

I did confirm that this is Gertrude Baldwin Garland, via the obituary for her brother, Norman Erwin Baldwin, The Flint Journal (he died 8 Jan 1972). listed son of Carthon and Ada Margaret Baldwin; survived by daughters: Mrs Robert L. (Helen Mary) Callan of Cheboygan, MI and Mrs. Elmer (Margaret) Kneeshaw of Flint, one grandson, Robert M Callan of USMC and sister, Mrs. Gertrude Garland.

I found in SSDI (Social Security Death Index):

Helen Callan of Cheboygan, b. 18 Sept 1928, d. Jun 1987
Robert Callan of Cheboygan, b. 13 Feb 1924, d. 15 Oct 1997
Elmer Kneeshaw, of Grand Blanc, b. 9 Sep 1927, d. 10 Oct 1997.

more later,


Monday, July 29, 2002:

A packet arrived from the La Salle County Genealogy Guild while we were in South Carolina. Here is the letter I received (along with numerous photocopied documents):

Dear Mr. Baldwin,

Here is the information on the Baldwins that I found in the county histories. I think that Daniel Baldwin, age 62 in 1850 was Elmer Baldwin's older brother. I think he founded the Deer Park Baptist Church which is still a small country church. I found Lafayette's obituary but I couldn't find where he is buried. I copied the Baldwin's from the 1850 and 1860 census who were from New England. I copied the Baldwin's who are buried in St Andrews Cemetery which is also a county cemetery but Episcopal. I copied all the Baldwin marriages from our computer. I found the probate of Daniel Baldwin. He died 7th of October 1860. He left surviving him Marquis L. Baldwin, Norman Baldwin, Leander Baldwin, Matty Higby, Loretta hallock, Jane (?) Howland, Dianthus Kirpatrick, Amelia Baldwin, and a grandson William Jenks. I couldn't find anything on Susan. I hope this information is helpful to you. Elmer Baldwin wrote the La Salle County History in 1877; it is not a Baldwin history.

Jenan Jahst, Corresponding Secretary

From Richard Richardson:

I have a copy of The Richardson Memorial by John Adams Vinton, an 850 page genealogy published in 1876, on the genealogy of the Ezekiel, Samuel and Thomas Richardson Families of Woburn Mass.

There are several Richardson & Baldwin connections, however I believe that these ones are possible related to the names that you mentioned: (bp506)

Obituaries from South Ottawa (can't see what newspaper this was taken from):

Dr. Lafayette Baldwin, whose death from paralysis at the home of his sister Mrs. Howland on First Avenue, the dailies(?) having mentioned was one of the first early settlers of La Salle county, having located in Farm Ridge in '46 (1846). He owned a farm now known as Rees place near Grand Ridge, from which he moved to Flint Michigan where he practiced medicine for forty years. During the civil war he served as surgeon in the army of the Colonial. The doctor was a genial, courteous gentleman and formed many warm friendships in his brief residence of a little more than a year in South Ottawa. He was born in Milford Connecticut, 79 years ago. Besides his sister Mrs. Howland, he leaves surviving eight children.

From the 1850 Census:
Daniel Baldwin is listed as 62, a Baptist Clergyman from Connecticut.
Susan is listed at age 56, from Conn
Leaner is listed as 19, a farmer, from Conn
John is listed as 16, from Conn
Amelia is listed as 12, from Conn.
1860 census for Deer Park Township:
Jane Baldwin age 34 (from conn) is shown as married to Elikin Howland (age 42 from conn). They have children Albert 15 (born in conn), Avelon age 9 born in Illinois, and Edward age 2 born in Illinois. (So Marquis was visiting his sister Jane (Baldwin) Howland when he died).

Just found this and sent an email to:

SPCE@TWLakes.Net Sue: related to me?

Looking for information regarding the parents of Elihu HOWLAND b. 01 Mar 1818, m 14 Sept 1842, d. 08 May 1898 Deer Park, LaSalle Co, Illinois. His wife was Jane A. BALDWIN b. 17 Aug 1826, New Milford, CT d. 08 Aug 1919 Deer Park, LaSalle Co, Illinois (daughter of Daniel BALDWIN d.07 Oct 1860 Farm Ridge, LaSalle Co, IL, and Susan BALDWIN d. 23 Aug 1854 Farm Ridge, LaSalle Co, IL).

The children of Jane and Elihu that I am aware of were: Albert E/C? HOWLAND b. 22 Jan 1845 m. 12 Oct 1871 Emma J. PHILLIPS, Avelon Nathan HOWLAND b. 17 Nov 1850, Deer Park, LaSalle Co, IL, d. 21 Feb 1930, Richland Co, Wisconsin, m. 13 Oct 1887, Lockport, Will Co, Illinois Lillie M. CLARK b. 11 June 1861 d. 05 Sept 1921, Richand Co, WI., Edward D. HOWLAND b. 13 Oct 1858, Carlton Hebert HOWLAND b. 07 Oct 1861 d. 31 Jan 1873, Howard W/M? HOWLAND b. 03 Oct 1865, m. 01 May 1890 Addie WAKEFIELD, Judson HOWLAND b. 01 June 1868, m. 14 May 1891 Sophie AKERMAN. 2 sons b 1843 & 1847 d. day following birth. Would appreciate hearing from anyone with information on this HOWLAND/BALDWIN line. Thank you. Sue

Wednesday, July 31, 2002:

Here is the response I got from my email:

Hi Doug,

How great to hear from a descendant of Susan et Daniel !! : )) Daniel is my husband's 3x grandfather. That posting in '98 brought a lot of responses, with quite a few variations. Did happen to hook up with someone who had been researching and documenting the various Baldwins for many years and he got me back over to England on Daniel's line. Susan's still remains questionable.

However one of the Howland descendants sent me the chart they had...a cousin of my father-in-law....and they show John Baldwin & Susannah Bristol as the parents of Susan, and Richard Bristol & Mercy Northrup as the parents of Susannah. To date have found nothing to back up those facts, nor anything to disprove it.

Now I have a question for you....

Per chance do you know if Elmer Baldwin is some how related to Susan or Daniel? The following is what I found on a census ~

1850 Census Farm Ridge, LaSalle Co, Illinois p. 256 Image 160 [p. 160 of 342 Ancestry]

#1202 Daniel Baldwin 62 b. Conn Baptist Minister
Susan 56 b. Conn
Leander 19 b. Conn
John 16 b. Conn
Amelia M. 12 b. Conn

# 1203 Elmer Baldwin 44 b. Conn
Adelia 44 b. Conn
Mercy/Mary 15 b. Conn
Susan 05 b. Illinois
Rollin 9 mo b. Illinois
William Wheatana 17 b. Ohio
William Trumann 34 b. Germany
Martha Field 46 b. Massachusetts

Can only assume there is a connection, living next to each other, coming from Conn in about the same time frame, and then the names of Elmer's daughters relate back to what I have on Susan's line.

Interesting to note that on the 1850 census for Jane & Elihu they show their son Albert age 5 b. in Connecticut, meaning they arrived after Elmer, as his 5yr old daughter shows b. Illinois. In fact, the Baldwin genealogy book by C.C. Baldwin states Daniel was in CT until August 1846 when he left for Illinois. Which means Elmer was in Illinois first?

Since you still carry the Baldwin surname, you must be a descendant of one of Jane's brothers....Leander, Normand, or Marquis? Anything you might share of your line will fill in blanks, as I have not made much head way in following Jane's siblings lines down to present day. Do you need or want any of the information on Jane's line down?

Did find Amelia Baldwin 22 b. CT in the 1860 census living with Jane et Elihu Howland.

Then in the 1880 census found Lorander Baldwin age 47 b. CT, as were both his parents, living in the household of Jane & Elihu Howland et listed as servant/farm laborer. [Wonder why he was not listed also as brother-in-law? Humm...]

You are the first on any of the descendants of Susan & Daniel I have been in touch with. So glad you wrote me!. : ))

I will leave you with a tid bit I found last summer on Daniel ~

From the LaSalle County Genealogy Guild- Ottawa, Illinois Newsletter dated July/August 2001 p 8

Pastors of Deer Park & Farm Ridge Baptist Church 1847- 1864:
Rev Daniel Baldwin 1847-1853

Susan Carr Ewers
Allons, Tennessee [a 'displaced' Yankee....: )) ]


Tracking the Baldwin Family Bible:

Here's what I am doing: The letter from Mable says that Mrs. Garland had the family bible. Mrs. Garland turns out to be Gertrude (Baldwin) Garland (married to Roy Garland), she was Carthon's daughter. She and Roy are both dead. They had two children. Phyllis (Garland) McDonald is Roy's child from a previous marriage. Their only son together was Jack Garland. He died two years ago, but he had five kids, one of which was also Jack Paul Garland. The five kids no longer live in mid-Michigan. So, a temporary dead end.

Gertrude had a brother named Norman Erwin Baldwin (Carthon's son). He died in 1972. He had two daughters: Mrs. Robert L. Callan (Helen Mary Baldwin), and Mrs. Elmer (Margaret Baldwin) Kneeshaw. Helen died in 1987, Robert died in 1997.

I did find a phone number for an Elmer Kneeshaw in Grand Blanc. When I called (810-694-2456) I got his wife Margaret (Baldwin) Kneeshaw. Margaret knew my uncles Leo and Forest and Leo's friend Barney. She knew about the family bible, but not where it was. She doesn't remember Gertrude having it, but thought it might still be in Lapeer with the Baldwin's from that area. She said a Paul Baldwin was still alive and might have an idea.

I told Margaret that I would let her know if I found the bible. She said that she would call Jack's daughter Jackie Pavlich from Harbor Springs or Petosky.

I just searched for a John Baldwin in Lapeer and it came up the same address as Paul: 24 E. Sawdust Corners, Lapeer 48446; 810 664 2747. The number has been busy for twenty minutes (make that several hours), they must be on the net.


Just found the following on google (I emailed William but it didn't go through):

From: "William F. Baldwin III"
Subject: Re: Susan Baldwin m. Daniel Baldwin
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 22:04:37 -0400


On page 537, of The Baldwin Genealogy Book by Charles Candee Baldwin it says:

425. John Baldwin lived in New Milford, Ct., in that part known as Mount Tom. My account of him is in confusion, and seems inconsistent with itself. He married Susannah Bristol. His widow and only surviving brother Abiel are his administrators, March 19,(?) 1803. He was, as Deacon John, killed June 10,(?) 1803, by the fall of a tree. His widow Mercy, d. July 5, 1823, aged 64 (New Milford Cemetery). (This is where the error occurs; Mercy is John's daughter, susan's sister; the mother, John's wife is Susannah Bristol)bb Children:

988. Mercy Jr. b. 1785, d. July 28, 1808, age 23
989. Polly b. 1788, d. June 10, 1872 (New Milford Cemetery)
990. Hannah, b. 1788; d. Oct, 1806, age 7(?)
991. Samuel b. Sept 6, 1791 (Narrative of Davis)
Susannah "Jr" b. Aug 29, 1794 (m) Rev. Daniel Baldwin 5, Theophilus 4, Theophilus 3, Theophilus 2, Richard Baldwin of Milford, Ct.
993. John b. Sept 22, 1796
994. Bristoll, b. 1799, d. Oct 3, 1806, aged 7

There is a lot of confusion as you can see with above mentioned line From page 120 of the same book:

Daniel Baldwin b. Nov 20, 1786, in Northville Village, New Milford, Ct. He (m) Nov 8, 1809, Susan Baldwin. Daniel was a Baptist Minister. He resided in Northville, New Milford, until Aug, 1846, when he moved to Farm Ridge, La Salle County, Illinois, where he died Oct 7, 1860. His wife died there, Aug 23, 1854. A large proportion of Rev. Daniel's large family have been or are in the ministry.

413. Matty, 6 Sept 1811 (m) Rev. John Higby
414. Lorette, 4 July 1813 (m) Moses G. Hallock
415. Caroline, 1 April 1820 (m) Rev. Erasmus N. Jenks
416. Marquis de la Fayette, 18 Aug 1822
417. Normand B., 23 Aug 1824
418. Jane, 17 Aug 1826 (m) Elihu Howland
419. Diantha B. March 28, 1829 (m) Murray Kirkpatrick
420. Leander R. 2 July 1831
421. John, 7 June 1834, d. Oct 16, 1854, while on a visit, in the same room where his mother was born.
422. Amelia Mayette, 16 Aug 1838; (m) Charles D. Smith

Bill Baldwin

Gifford Ewers wrote:

Those of you who have been around the block a few times, please bear with me on my first attempt at a query for a mailing list. Looking for the Baldwin line of Susan Baldwin b. 29 Aug 1794 Saybrook, Conn d. 23 Aug 1854 Farmridge, Ill.. Relatives say her parents were John Baldwin b. 1759 New Milford, CT d. June 1803 New Milford, Ct m. Susannah Bristol b. 1763 New Milford, CT (? daug of Richard Bristol/Mercy Northrup?) Have not been able to find any thing to verify this information.

Daniel (husband of above Susan, and a Baptist Minister) b. 20 Nov 1786 New Milford, Ct m. 8 Nov 1809 d. 07 Oct 1860 Farm Ridge, La Salle Co, Illinois. Son of Theophilus Baldwin [ b.16 Jan/June? 1723/28? New Milford, CT d. 10 Mar 1804 ] and Martha Sherwood. (other wifes Mary(Baldwin) Noble & Mrs Eunice Noble), Theophilus being the son of Theophilus and Jerush Beecher. Have been able to confirm this information given to me, thru DAR records and WTF Vol 4 No. 163. Is it correct?

Susan and Daniel had a daughter Jane A. Baldwin b. 17 Aug 1826 New Milford, CT d. 08 Aug 1919 Deer Park, LaSalle Co, Illinois m. 14 Sept 1842 Elihu Howland b. 01 Mar 1818 New Milford, Litchfield Co, CT d. 08 May 1898 Deer Park, La Salle Co, Illinois.

I would also be interested in information on any other children of Susan & Daniel. Anyone familiar with this line would appreciate hearing from you.

Susan Carr Ewers

Note that the child listed for Susannah and John is Susannah Baldwin, not Susan. In the 1860 census for Farm Ridge it lists Daniel age 73 living with Leander's family (wife Merriman from New York, age 30, Leander is 29, Clarence M. 3, Herman S. 7/12, both kids born in Illinois.) It lists both Leander and Daniel as farmers. Leander signed the petition for last will and testament of Daniel.

Thursday August 1, 2002:

Message from Sue from Tennessee:

Morning Doug,

What wonderful information you have, and so very interesting!
Just chuck full of data too. : ))

Below I will send what I do have on Susan's far.

In regards to Elmer being the younger brother of Daniel or even Susan for that matter.....does not fit. Daniel's father Theophilus 1723 - 1804 was about 63 when Daniel was born
Susan's father John 1759-1803
Elmer being 44 on the 1850 census so born about 1806/7. Maybe a cousin or nephew?

I wondered how you knew Daniel et Susan were cousins, but the one article said it all. : ))

Wish I had more time to write, but today much to accomplish. Next time will give you the data on Jane.

Hope you have a good day.


Descendants of RICHARD BRISTOL

Generation No. 1



Generation No. 2

2. SUSANNAH2 BRISTOL (RICHARD1) was born 1763 in NEW MILFORD, CONNECTICUT. She married JOHN BALDWIN 1784 in New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut.


Information on John came from the Baldwin Genealogy Book p 537 by Charles Candee Baldwin.

John was b. and lived in New Milford, Connecticut, in that part known as Mount Tom. [My account of him is in confusion, and seems inconsistent with itself] He married Susannah Bristol. His widow and only surviving brother Abiel are his administrators, March 19, 1803. He was, as Deacon John, killed 10 June 1803, by the fall of a tree. His widow Mercy d. 05 July, 1823 age 64 (New Milford Cemetery)

Evidently, the information in C.C. Baldwin's book does not agree with the information in "The History of New Milford" which was written by Samuel Orcutt. The Orcutt rendition lists Susannah Bristol as John's wife. Mercy and Susan are two of the daughters.


i. MERCY3 BALDWIN , JR, b. 1785; d. July 28, 1808.
died at the age of 23

ii. HANNAH BALDWIN, b. 1788.
iii. POLLY BALDWIN, b. 1788; d. June 10, 1872.
iv. SAMUEL BALDWIN, b. September 06, 1791.
3. v. SUSAN BALDWIN, b. August 29, 1794, SAYBROOK, New Milford, CONNECTICUT; d. August 23, 1854, FARM RIDGE, LaSalle Co, ILLINOIS.
vi. JOHN BALDWIN, b. September 22, 1796.
vii. BRISTOL BALDWIN, b. 1799; d. October 03, 1806.

Generation No. 3

3. SUSAN3 BALDWIN (SUSANNAH2 BRISTOL, RICHARD1) was born August 29, 1794 in SAYBROOK, New Milford, CONNECTICUT, and died August 23, 1854 in FARM RIDGE, LaSalle Co, ILLINOIS. She married DANIEL BALDWIN November 08, 1809, son of THEOPHILUS BALDWIN and MARTHA SHERWOOD.


i. MATTY4 BALDWIN, b. September 06, 1811, New Milford, Litchfield Co, CONNECTICUT; d. 1895; m. JOHN HIGBY, 1838.
Dar # 68935 V 69
ii. LORETTE BALDWIN, b. July 04, 1813, New Milford, Litchfield Co, CONNECTICUT; m. MOSES G. HALLOCK, September 05, 1832,
iii. CAROLINE BALDWIN, b. April 01, 1820, New Milford, Litchfield Co, CONNECTICUT; m. ERASMUS N. JENKS.
iv. MARQUIS DE LA FAYETTE BALDWIN, b. August 18, 1822, New Milford, Litchfield Co, CONNECTICUT; m. ELIZABETH FARGO, October 06, 1847, LaSalle Co, Illinois4.
v. NORMAND BALDWIN, b. August 23, 1824, New Milford, Litchfield Co, CONNECTICUT.
vi. JANE A. BALDWIN, b. August 17, 1826, MILFORD, CONNECTICUT; d. August 08, 1919, Richland Center, Richland Co, Wisconsin5; m. ELIHU HOWLAND, September 14, 18426,7.
vii. DIANTHA B. BALDWIN, b. March 28, 1829, New Milford, Litchfield Co, CONNECTICUT; m. MURRAY KILPATRICK, June 10, 1849, Vermillionville, LaSalle Co, Illinois8.
Illinois Marriages 1763-1900 show Diantha M. as marrying 8 Feb 1849 Murray Kirkpatrick in LaSalle Co, Vol A # 2114
viii. LEANDER R. BALDWIN, b. July 02, 1831, New Milford, Litchfield Co, CONNECTICUT; m. MARION A. MOULTON, September 15, 1853, Chicago, Cook Co, Illinois9,10.
LDS site shows having married in Cook Co, Ill. Illinois Marriages show LaSalle Co., also show marrying again 9 Feb 1865 Kankakee Co Vol OOB # 1191 Mariane A. Baldwin. [Divorced et remarried first wife??]
ix. JOHN BALDWIN, b. June 07, 1834, New Milford, Litchfield Co, CONNECTICUT; d. October 16, 1854, New Milford, Litchfield Co, CONNECTICUT.
x. AMELIA MAYETTE BALDWIN, b. August 16, 1838, New MILFORD, Litchfield Co, CONNECTICUT; m. CHARLES D. SMITH, August 21, 1862, LaSalle Co, Illinois11.


1. LDS site.
2. LDS site.
3. LDS FILM # 457530.
4. LDS film #457497.
5. State of Wisconsin County of Richland Death Record p. # 344.
6. Howlands of American p 413.
7. Howland Bible.
8. LDS film # 457614.
10. Illinois Marriages 1763-1900 License Vol B # 548-LaSalle Co, Illinois.
11. Illinois Marriages 1763-1900 License Vol C # 2024 LaSalle Co, Illinois.

Found this on the web:

... this union, Winnie J., who died May 17, 1887, at the age of twenty-three years and John W., now foreman for the Monarch and Meyrs Cigar Factory at Flint. ...

This is probably the factory where Mable and Leo worked? Or is it the one below:

Below is a picture of another cigar factory that I found:

Sectional view of Cigar Making Department "LA NATIVIDAD" Cigar Factory ... Buick Motor Co., FLINT, MI., Largest Automobile plant in the world, covering 900,00 ...

Cigar factory: La Natividad

My God, I just found an incredible complete lineage in England for Sylvester Baldwin the Immigrant (who came on the ship martin). My records did not go back very far into England. It's called "The Descendants of John Baldwin."

Descendants of John Baldwin born 1415


1. John BALDWIN was born in 1415.
John BALDWIN had the following children:
+2 i. William BALDWIN.
3 ii. Sylvester BALDWIN died in 1503. May have married Sara(h) Gelly? I have seen this Sylvester son of John (b1415) as died in 1503 and married to Sara(h) Gelly. I have also seen a Sylvester (no father listed) who married Sara(h) Gelly and died in 1593.

There has been some speculation that Sylvester is the father of Henry who married Alice King I have found no evidence of this and the dates seem to far apart for this to be likely.


2. William BALDWIN was born in 1441 in Aylesbury, Bucks, England.
Jane AYLESBURY (daughter of Richard AYLESBURY) was born in 1443 in Oterarsfee, Bucks, England. William BALDWIN and Jane AYLESBURY had the following children:
+4 i. Richard Edward BALDWIN.
+5 ii. John (Sir) BALDWIN.
+6 iii. Robert BALDWIN.


4. Richard Edward BALDWIN was born in 1468 in Aylesbury, Bucks, England. He died on 21 Sep 1485.
Richard Edward BALDWIN had the following children:
+7 i. Richard BALDWIN.
+8 ii. John BALDWIN.
5. John (Sir) BALDWIN was born on 11 Aug 1470 in Aylesbury, Domesday, Surrey, England. He died on 24 Oct 1545 in Buckinghamshire, England. Knight

Chief Justice of the court of Henry VIII; presided at the trial of Anne Boelyn
Received numerous grants from Henry VIII
SIR JOHN BALDWIN of Buckinghamshire, died Oct 24, 1545. Inquest of his estate was held at Aylesbury, Dec 22, 1545.

"He was a member of the inner temple and appointed reader in 1516, 1524 and 1531. He twice filled the office of treasurert, 1524 and 1530. He was of Bucks in 1510 (on commision of the peace)..... In 1520 he was a man of sufficient mark to be nominated on the sheriff roll, but he was not sellected by the king. In In 1529 he was on the commision to hear causes in chancery committed to then Cardinal Wolsey, then lord chanceller. In 1530, on Cardinal's fall,he was selected to hold inquisition as to the extent of his property in Bucks. He set in the House of Commons once, being burgess for Bendon in Wiltshire in 1529. In 1530 he was appointed attorney general for Wales and the Marches, and also of the county Palntine of Chester and Flint. His patent as sarjeant-in-law is dated Nov 16, 1531. According to Dugdale he and Thomas Willoughby were the first serjeants-in-law to receive the honor of knighthood. this was in 1534. In 1535, he was appointed chief justice of common pleas and almost the first cases in which he acted in a judiciary capacity were the trials of Bishop Fisher and Sir Thomas More for treason. He also acted in the same capacity at the trials of Anne Boleyn the same year. He seemed to have lived principally at Aylesbury. He acquired a house and site of the Grey Friars and the manors of Ellesberough and Durich" (Dist Am. Biog.)

Colonel Chester says he was given the Manor of Dunridge in Bucks by Henery VIII shortly after 1541, and that he died in1545. When he died he left no surviving sons. The D.N.B. article says he had a son William, who married Mary Tyringham, but died during his father's lifetime. The estate passed to his heirs, Thomas Packington, son and heir of his daughter Agnes, wife of Robert Packington, and to John Burlacy, son and hair of his daughter Petronilla. The manor then passed to Thomas Packington's son and heir, John, who in March 1577/78 alienated to Henry and Richard Baldwin, who in 1579 paid the taxes on the manor. These are considered by Col. Chester to be father and son. In 1553 two brothers, Richard and John occupied Dundridge. This was but eight years after the death of Sir John. These brothers are probably the sons of Richard - the brother of Sir John.

Agnes DORMER (daughter of William DORMER and Jane LAUNCELYN) was born in 1482 in Hayle, Buckingham, England. John (Sir) BALDWIN and Agnes DORMER had the following children:
9 i. Catherine BALDWIN was born in 1499.
10 ii. Thomas BALDWIN died on 15 May 1522 in Wendover, Bucks, England. Thomas may be a nephew of Sir Johns (perhaps the son of Richard)
+11 iii. Pernell (Petronilla) BALDWIN.
+12 iv. Alice BALDWIN.
+13 v. William BALDWIN.
+14 vi. Agnes/Ann BALDWIN.
6. Robert BALDWIN was born about 1475. He died between 1536 and 16 Apr 1537 in Dundridge, Buckinghamshire, England.
He was married to Agnes DOLTE. Robert BALDWIN and Agnes DOLTE had the following children:
15 i. Robert BALDWIN.
16 ii. Richard BALDWIN.
17 iii. Thomas BALDWIN.
18 iv. Hugh BALDWIN.
+19 v. John BALDWIN.


7. Richard BALDWIN was born in 1500 in Ashton Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. He signed a will on 16 Jan 1553. He has a will on record as proved on 21 Feb 1553 in Buckinghamshire, England. He was a Yeoman. He died in Ashton Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. He was buried in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. Most often Richard Baldwin is shown as the son of Sir John Baldwin b 11 Aug 1470. I believe this was assumed as since they inherited Sir John Baldwin's land. See Sir John for further reasons.

RICHARD I BALDWIN, yeoman, "of Dundridge," died in 1553. His will was administrated by his brother John Baldwin. His wife Ellen, probably the sister of John Apuke (Pooke), died in 1585 or 6. This Richard and his brother John were in possession of the Manor of Dundridge but eight years after the death of Sir John Baldwin. But Col. Chester says the fact that Richard and his wife Ellen were not buried in-side the church, but in the churchyard, indicates that he was not the sole lord of the manor, and that he and John were at the time probably joint tenants of the heirs.

Richard's will of Jan 6, 1552/3 names all his children. His farm in Dongrove was to go to son John, but if John died before the age of 23, to go to Henry. "To son Richard my tenth in Cholesburg and rents belonging there to when 23; to Ellynn my wife and HENRY, the rest of said houses and lands towards bringing up my children. To HENRY ten silver spoons and a manor. The residue to Ellyn and HENRY equally, and they to be executors: oversees to be my brothers John Baldwin and John Apuke. He also mentioned his brothers son Hughe.

Ellyn's will, probated 1565-66, bequeathed to the mother church of Lincoln, to the poor if Aston, Clynton and Cholesbury, to cousin (nephew), George Baldwin of Hale, and he to guide daughters Cicilye and Lettys in their marriage, to "other daughters," Richard and Sylvester, "children of my son HENRY BALDWIN," son John to be executor and residuary legalee; overseer HENRY BALDWIN. She signed herself "Elyn Baldwin... of Dinrich in the parish of Aston Clinton, Bucks, widow."

He was married to Ellen APOKE in 1522 in Ashton Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. Ellen APOKE was born in 1507 in Ashton Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. She died on 24 Nov 1565 in Ashton Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. Richard BALDWIN and Ellen APOKE had the following children:

+20 i. Henry BALDWIN.
+21 ii. Richard BALDWIN.
+22 iii. John BALDWIN.
23 iv. Alice (Alis) BALDWIN was born in 1535. She died in 1567.
+24 v. Agnes BALDWIN.
+25 vi. Lettice BALDWIN.
26 vii. Cicely BALDWIN was born about 1550. She died in 1599.
8. John BALDWIN was born in 1507 in Buckinghamshire, England. He died in 1565/66.

John BALDWIN had the following children:

27 i. George BALDWIN.
28 ii. Nicholas BALDWIN.
29 iii. Sylvester BALDWIN.
30 iv. Richard BALDWIN.
31 v. Robert BALDWIN.
32 vi. Thomas BALDWIN.
33 vii. Hugh BALDWIN was born before 1553.

11. Pernell (Petronilla) BALDWIN was born in 1505.
She was married to Thomas (Sir) RAMSAY.
She was married to BURLACY.
12. Alice BALDWIN was born in 1509 in Buckinghamshire, England.
She was married to John (POOKE) APUKE.
13. William BALDWIN was born in 1514 in Buckinghamshire, England. May have had a son John who died without issue.

He was married to Mary TRYINGHAM.
14. Agnes/Ann BALDWIN was born in 1516 in Buckinghamshire, England.
She was married to Robert PACKINGHAM.
19. John BALDWIN was born about 1500 in Buckinghamshire, England. He died before 2 Mar 1565/66 in Hale, Bucks, England.
He was married to unknown. unknown died before 12 Mar 1564/65. John BALDWIN and unknown had the following children:

+34 i. Thomas BALDWIN.
+35 ii. George BALDWIN.
+36 iii. Sylvester BALDWIN.
+37 iv. Richard BALDWIN.
+38 v. Robert BALDWIN. +39 vi. Nicholas BALDWIN.


20. Henry BALDWIN was born in 1528 in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. He inherited Dunridge in 1577 in Dundridge, Buckinghamshire, England. He signed a will on 2 Jan 1600. He died on 1 Jun 1602 in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. He has a will on record as proved on 2 Jun 1602. HENRY BALDWIN was probably the eldest son, as he was executor of his father's will of 1553 and over twenty-three. He was the father of two sons in 1565. He was buried in the church at Aston Clinton, Bucks, on June 1, 1602, and his wife Alice was buried there on Nov. 23, 1626.

The fact that they were buried inside the church indicates that Henry was the sole lord of the manor at the time. He was the first owner of Dundridge in March 1577/8.

Henry's will of Jan 2, 1600 bequeathed to his wife and all his children except Jane and Mary. These daughters were married and had undoubtedly received their portions. In her will of 1622 Alice directed that she be buried in the church near her husband Henry Baldwin. She bequeathed to all the children except Agnes (who probably received her portion on marriage), naming every living child and grandchild, even naming the five childred of JOHN. The will states that she and son Richard occupied the manor of Dundridge. Richard and John were to be executors, but when the will was proved in 1626, Richard was the only executor.

He was married to Alice (Klinge) KING (daughter of William KINGE and Cecily) about 1555 in Ashton Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. Alice (Klinge) KING was born about 1533 in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. She died before 23 Nov 1626 in Donrig, Aston-Clinton, Bucks, England. She was buried on 23 Nov 1626 in Ashton Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. She has a will on record as proved on 14 Dec 1626. Henry BALDWIN and Alice (Klinge) KING had the following children:

+40 i. Richard BALDWIN.
41 ii. Henry BALDWIN was born in 1558.
+42 iii. Sylvester (Milton?) BALDWIN.
+43 iv. Robert BALDWIN.
+44 v. John BALDWIN.
+45 vi. Mary BALDWIN.
+46 vii. Jane BALDWIN.
+47 viii. Agnes BALDWIN.
21. Richard BALDWIN was born about 1530. He died on 18 Feb 1631/32. I have seen several lines that skip this generation and continue with Richard m Isabell Harding. I am not sure where this orginated but I have found evidence that there were two Richards. Richard m Isabell Chase and their son Richard who m Isabell Harding

Isabel CHASE was born in 1545. Richard BALDWIN and Isabel CHASE had the following children:

+48 i. Richard BALDWIN.
49 ii. Timothy BALDWIN. .
50 iii. Nathaniel BALDWIN. .
51 iv. Joseph BALDWIN. .
52 v. Alice BALDWIN. .
53 vi. Agnes BALDWIN. .
54 vii. Cicely BALDWIN. .
55 viii. Lettice BALDWIN. .

22. John BALDWIN was born in 1531. He died in 1599. .
He was married to Isabell.

24. Agnes BALDWIN was born in 1545. She died on 10 Mar 1566/67. .
She was married to William GRANGE on 18 Nov 1566. William GRANGE died in Nov 1582.

25. Lettice BALDWIN was born in 1549 in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. She died in Mar 1615/16. .
She was married to FOSTER.

34. Thomas BALDWIN died before 16 Dec 1570 in Chesham, Buckingham, England. Thomas has sometimes been shown as the father of Richard who married Isabel Harding. I find no evidence to support this. He was married to Joan (Jane) TYNDALL (daughter of Thomas TYNDALL). Joan (Jane) TYNDALL was born in 1552 in Amersham, Bucks, England. She died in 1612 in Cholesbury, Buckinghamshire, England. Thomas BALDWIN and Joan (Jane) TYNDALL had the following children:

56 i. Richard BALDWIN. .
57 ii. John BALDWIN died before 15 Jan 1572/73..
58 iii. Joan BALDWIN. .
59 iv. Amie BALDWIN. .
35. George BALDWIN died before 20 Mar 1576/77. .
He was married to Avelyn AYSKELL. .
36. Sylvester BALDWIN died on 5 Oct 1592. .
He was married to Agnes BACHELOR. .
37. Richard BALDWIN. .
He was married to Amy. .
38. Robert BALDWIN died before 22 Jan 1584/85. .
He was married to Agnes. .
39. Nicholas BALDWIN was born about 1530. He died before 23 Apr 1581. .
He was married to Agnes (Widow) FISHER.


40. Richard BALDWIN was born in 1556. He was buried on 14 Oct 1636. He was married to Christina TUCKFIELD on 18 Oct 1592. Christina TUCKFIELD was born about 1573. She died about 1612. She was also known as Christian Towckfield. Richard BALDWIN and Christina TUCKFIELD had the following children:

60 i. Richard BALDWIN was born in 1592 in Ashton Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. He died in 1640 in Ashton Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. I have seen this Richard listed as the father of John Baldwin who married Mary Bruen. It appears more likely that John's father was instead Sylvester.

Friday, August 9, 2002:

Got a call from Virginia ? this morning. She is the youngest of Fayette's children. She says that she thinks the family Bible is in the hands of the wife (probably dead) of the Baldwin brother who had no kids. She says that Fayette's wife was Katherine (so maybe Jim's wife was too or I am getting something wrong). Virginia is the youngest of Fayette's ten kids.

Just talked with Doug and Grace. Fayette was called Jim. I had two separate brothers, one Fayette and one Jim in my records, so had to change that. Jim (Fayette) had the two sons who fought in WW II (articles in Flint Journal).

Maybe a family reunion? Some hints that this might be an interesting idea.

My father remembers going to Fayette and Kate's farm when he was a kid; he has a memory of catching fireflys in a jar. Virginia remembers Mabel.

My father says that the brother who had no kids was John (called Jack). He was married to a woman named Bell who my dad remembers well. They had one child who died very young. Bell used to visit in her 1928/29 Buick; she would drop in to see Mabel and the kids. Bell is the person that Virginia thinks got the Bible. Unfortunately, Bell died in a nursing home (that is no longer in business, my dad thinks, and he can't remember where it was; he says to ask Leo.). Bell fell in the nursing home and broke her hip and died soon after; my dad says she was 69 but can't be sure.

Dad also said that Howard Baldwin, Mable's brother lived in Tecumseh Michigan; that he had polo and walked with a limp, and that Mable used to give him a hard time because he drank too much in her opinion.

Dad also commented that all of Jim's kids were remarkable, all were well educated; a very smart branch of the family tree.

I just emailed Leo and will wait to see if he remembers anything.

In the 1870 census for Michigan, Genesee County I found Dr. Marquis F. Baldwin, age 45 living with a 14 year old boy and a 12 year old girl. Both kids were born in Massachusetts. I can't make out the first letters of their names, it looks like the girl is Lizzie and the boy Willie, but they both could be easily some similar name. These must be kids from one of the earlier marriages. It puts Marquis birth date at 1825 and not 1822, a mystery.

Virginia said there was a picture of Marquis at Hurley Hospital. Can I get the picture and the medical instruments from Richard? Or at least take pictures of them.

Friday, August 10, 2002:

So, if there are five brothers in Marquis and Mary's family, and if I have been mistakenly calling Jim and Fayette two different people when they are one and the same, who is the fifth brother? My dad says it is Ophelia, who they called Offie. Forrest (my dad's brother) was named after him (Forrest Offie Baldwin).

Ophelia married Bell and they had no kids, so that is whom Virginia was speaking of as having the Bible. Bell had nobody after Ophelia died, no family, no income. She died in Flushing in a government home (my dad's recollection) that closed long ago. There was an accident in the home, she fell and died. After Ophelia died, Bell lived with and did house cleaning for a family. They might be the only link left to that Bible. It could very well have been discarded because it meant nothing. Maybe a book dealer has it, maybe a church in the Flint or Flushing area?

Some tidbits: My folks say that Sadie Wallace Rutherford was very witty and had a great sense of humor. She did have a Scottish accent and called my dad Dooglas. My dad also said that my grandmother Mabel did not care much for Marquis' womanizing. They said that Bell was a support person for mable after Leo died, coming over often and taking Mable places in Bell's car. Another memory that dad had was being on public assistance after Leo died. The family had to go down to a warehouse to get food to support all the Baldwin kids. The final tidbit that I keep typing and erasing was that Ophelia died in the arms of another woman and that Bell was very bitter. Kate Baldwin, Fayette's wife had asked Bell for the Bible, but she had refused to give it to her. Much of this sounds like rumors from a gossip column, and I don't need to bad mouth people not here to defend themselves. Anyway, I leave the comments I collected alone for a while until I decide what to keep and what to edit.

My mother got the pictures out and I have one of Sadie Rutherford; my mother said Sadie always held her hands funny for photographs, who knows why? I also have a wonderful photo of grandma Rilla Rockett Biddis and one of Mose in his World War I Canadian Army uniform. I have a small picture of Mose and Rilla together also. I'll get these blown up for the book.

Monday, August 13, 2002:

An email from my Lapeer relatives:

Hi Doug:

This is Paul Baldwin's wife, Irene. We've been trying to locate the Family Bible for you, with no success. I've e mailed Paul's niece, Ginny, who lives in Birch Run and sent her a copy of your letter to give to her Mom, Virginia ( the youngest of this Baldwin Clan, and the only girl left alive) thinking that maybe she would have an idea as to where the Bible might be found, but to date have not heard back from her. Also spoke with a nephew, John, from Traverse City, he's the son of the oldest of this clan, Fayette, who was killed in an auto accident a few years ago, he had no knowledge of the Bible.

Bill and John live in Lapeer, Frank in Akron, Ohio, and Dave in Gaithersburg, Md. John and Dave both lost their wives this past year. The reason you can't reach us by phone is that we only have one phone line, and this computer goes on when I get up in the morning and doesn't get turned off until we hit the sack.

Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you; but will let you know if we hear anything.

The Paul Baldwins.

Saturday, August 17, 2002:

Here is a message I sent to Richard Richardson. I'm waiting for his reply (his ISP went down so he is behind with emails)

Hi Doug,

I just received your e-mail. My ISP has been down since Tuesday- 218 e-mails.

Let me ponder on your questions and I will get back to you.

Take care,

Hi Richard

You are my main (only!) contact with the genealogy system in the Genesee and Lapeer areas, so I hope you don't mind if I keep up the dialogue with you. I have many more mysteries to figure out and need your help.

01. The Baldwin Family Bible: I have contacted several groups of Baldwin relatives in Lapeer and elsewhere (because of the leads you gave me) and this is the latest. Gertrude probably didn't have the Bible according to her daughter Margaret Kneeshaw. The youngest daughter of Fayette (Virginia) remembers that the Bible was in the hands of Bell Baldwin, who had no kids. More in a moment....

02. I had the five brothers confused. Jim and Fayette are the same person. That means there was another brother. This turns out to be Offie Baldwin (birth name "Ophelia"?) He married Bell (no maiden name). Bell had the Bible.

03. Offie died leaving Bell in poverty. She ended up as a live-in house keeper for a family in Flint (maybe Flushing). She died in a government nursing home (now closed) in Flushing. She had no known (to us) relatives on either side of her family, so we don't know where her belongings went.

04. Can you find any information on Offie and Bell; Bell's maiden name, her family tree, when Offie was born and died, anything on where she might have lived, the nursing home records? I can do research myself, but any ideas or leads you have would be appreciated.

05. Can you find when Sarah Rutherford and Charles Robert Rutherford were married in the Lapeer (Genesee? records).

06. I found census records on Marquis when he was 45 that showed he had two teenagers living with him, no wife. The kids were a 14 year old boy and a 12 year old girl. I think these might be Martha Cone Baldwin's kids; one is Agnes probably, but who is the other?

07. Can I see (get? photograph?) any of the things relating to my great grandfather Marquis La Fayette Baldwin from Hurley Hospital (his picture, instruments, articles, etc.)? Where would they be stored?

08. I found a Walter and Janet Rutherford (from the Census) living in Northumberland Canada who might fit the parents of Robert (and Archie) Rutherford from Lapeer. The problem is neither Robert or Archie are listed as living in the household (there are kids 16, 18, 20, 22... Robert would have been 24 in this family, so it might still fit). Any ideas? Would there be any immigration records for when Archie and Robert came to Michigan from Ontario?

That's enough! Thanks, Richard, for whatever you can do.. Hope you had a great vacation. I am back to work next week.


Wednesday August 21, 2002:

Richard's answer:

Hi Doug,

I am fascinated by your information on Offie Baldwin. He must have been the youngest, since I have not been able to find him on the earlier census records. I could not find any Offie or Bell Baldwin in the Genesee County Clerk's Death Record Index. I have a feeling that Offie is either a nickname or diminutive for another given name. Could it be short for Theophilus? Marquis had one son by that name who died young, was another son renamed Theophilus?? That was a common practice by New Englanders. Especially if the given name was of an ancestor.

As far as "Bell Baldwin", there is an Isabelle Baldwin that died 06 June 1961. I checked the Flint Journal and there was no obituary. From your note, it sounds like she may have died in the old Walter Winchester Hospital, which served as a nursing home prior to its closure in the late 1960's -early 1970's. I also found a Norabelle Baldwin that died 01 Jan 1944 at her residence, who is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in Tuscola Co, just over the Genesee Co line. I will keep searching for them- hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to get to the County Clerk's office to look at Isabella's death record.

I also found on the 1870 census for Genesee Twp, Genesee Co, MI, your Marquis with Lizzie age 12 and Willie age 14. I do not know if we can assume that they are his children since it did not delineate relationships. I believe that Lizzie is too old to be Agnes. I have Agnes being born in 1868. But then where is she in 1870???. Could Lizzie and Willie be children from Marquis' first wife, Elizabeth Fargo Baldwin. Yet, I have her dying 20 Jan 1850 in Farm Ridge, La Salle Co, IL.. I have Marquis and Martha Cone Baldwin having Theophilus born Sept 1865 and dying 1 Sept 1867 and Agnes born 20 Jan 1868 and dying as Agnes Baldwin Burns on 29 April 1902. I tend to believe that Marquis and Martha Cone were married in the early 1860's. Could there have been another wife in the 1850's between Elizabeth Fargo Baldwin and Martha Cone Baldwin, the possible mother to Lizzie born around 1858 and Willie born around 1856?? I did find Mary Bellinger still single on the 1870 census, living with her parents, Soloman and Margaret (Morris) Bellinger in Burton Twp, Genesee Co, MI. So she did not marry Marquis until after 1870.

I will try to ask the PR department at work about items of Marquis Baldwin MD. I have the feeling that if there was anything, they are long gone. You have to remember that Hurley Hospital was not founded until December, 1908, which was 6 years after Marquis died. So any items that Hurley may have had must have been donated by the family or the county medical society. I will also ask a friend who volunteers at the Sloan Museum if they may have anything there?

Well, I must close for now. I hope that all this does not leave you totally confused. Please remember that in genealogy when one question is finally answered, you are left with at least one or two new questions.

Take care , Richard

This was sweet:


I saw your post for Susannah Baldwin who married Reverend Daniel Baldwin. According to History of New Milford and Bridgewater, Connecticut, by Samuel Orcutt, page 646, shows Susannah, born Aug 29, 1794 and married Rev Daniel Baldwin. Susannah (6) is dau of Dea. John (5)Israel (4) Samuel (3) David (2) Joseph(1).

This is my Great, Great Grandmother; the birth date matches.

Thursday August 22, 2002:

Letter from Virginia (Baldwin) Ortman (Fayette/Jim's youngest daughter).

Dear Doug,

I would have typed this but my typewriter is older than you are. I hope you can read my "hen scratching," as mom used to say.

We had dinner last night with four of my brothers. Sorry to say, not one remembers about the family bible. My brother Dave said he remembered Uncle Carth but he was too young to recall much else.

In case you ever get down Lapeer way you might be interested in seeing the old homestead where Dave, Paul, Bill and I were born. My dad built the house of old barn wood. In later years there were two small additions but the basic structure still stands after eighty years. We didn't have electricity until 1939 and no indoor plumbing until the late 40's. My folks were truly pioneers until the late 40s. They did it with all of us kids. We complain when the lights go out in a storm or the phone is on the blink. It's good to pause and reflect now and then, to be thankful for our blessings.

Sorry that this won't help much.

I am looking forward to the Baldwin Website when you finish your records.


Virginia Baldwin Ortman
Frankenmuth Michigan
From Sue this morning (referring to Susannah's Baldwin line):

Morning Doug,

Very interesting!!! : ))

The numbers refer to generations, and is showing Susan's Baldwin line back to a Joseph Baldwin.
Susan (6) being the d/o John(5)
John (5) being the s/o Israel (4) et so on.

If you go back to the generation reports I sent, you will see much the same in brackets after the individual's name.



Neat little feature as shows an individuals line back, including the females that married et deviated from the Baldwin surname as shown in the second example.

Is great to have when going thru a long generation report, helps you not to get so lost? [the line only goes back to Theophilus in the example because that is as far as I have gotten in entering the data into my tree]

If the information given is correct...have Susan's line back....just need to figure out who all these people were et spouses etc. Excellent piece of information to work with!!! : )) Nice break thru!!


Just found this on the web:

Family of Elizabeth Canfield (481) & Theophilus Baldwin (1638)

1704. Martha Baldwin. Born on 1 Sep 1690 in Milford, CT.10 At the age of 10, Martha was baptized in First Congregational Society, Milford on 29 Sep 1700.10 Martha died in Milford, CT on 14 Sep 1740; she was 50.10

On 28 Sep 1710 when Martha was 20, she married Enos Camp (1674) , son of Lieut. Samuel Camp (1677) (13 Sep 1645-17 Jun 1708) & Mary Camp (468) (22 Mar 1663/4-Feb 1691/2), in Milford, CT.17 Born ca 1687 in Milford, CT. Enos was baptized in First Congregational Society, Milford on 20 May 1688.10 Enos died on 20 Jun 1768 in Milford, CT.10

Enos' will, dated 26 Feb 1768, proved 6 Jul 1768, names his eldest son Enos of New Milford; sons Israel, Jonah, and Abel; daughter Martha, wife of Nathaniel Camp; daughter Elizabeth wife of Jesse Smith to whom he gave additional consideration of "her living with me after her first husband and my wife died." He also mentioned his Grandchildren Isaac and Job Camp. The inventory of his estate was presented by Abel Camp and amounted to over 510 pounds, including some personaltry in New Milford. New Haven Probate Records.

They had the following children:

3412 i. Martha (1712-)

3413 ii. Enos (1715-1791)

3414 iii. Elizabeth (1717-)

3415 iv. Isaac (1720-ca1761)

3416 v. Israel (1722-1804)

3417 vi. Jonah (ca1727-1815)

3418 vii. Abel (1729-1820)

1705. Abigail Baldwin. Born ca 1687 in Milford, CT.

Joseph and Abigail removed to Newtown, CT, by 1714.10

On 14 Jan 1706/7 Abigail married Joseph Peck, son of Joseph Peck & Mary Peck, in Milford, CT.17 Born on 25 Feb 1680 in Milford, CT.17

They had one child:

3446 i. Mary (1726-1799)

1706. Theophilus Baldwin. Born ca 1694 in Milford, CT.10 Theophilus was baptized in First Congregational Society, Milford on 29 Sep 1700.10 Theophilus died on 1 May 1745.10

Theophilus moved to New Milford, CT.10

On 3 Jun 1722 Theophilus married Jerusha Beecher, daughter of Eleazer Beecher & Elizabeth Peck.10 Born bef Sep 1705 in Milford, CT. Jerusha was baptized in First Congregational Society, Milford on 2 Sep 1705.10 Jerusha died on 22 Aug 1790.10

Jerusha, also known as Jemima, Beecher.10

They had the following children:

3447 i. Jerusha

3448 ii. Elizabeth

3449 iii. Theophilus (1728-)

3450 iv. Martha

3451 v. Hezekiah

3452 vi. Isaac

3453 vii. Israel

3454 viii. Asel

3455 ix. David

3456 x. Anne (1744-)

1707. Hezekiah Baldwin. Born ca 1697.10 Hezekiah died ca 1728.10 Hezekiah died unmarried.

And this:


" BIRTH: New Milford, New Haven, CT [S3]
" REFN: 425
Father: Israel BALDWIN
Mother: Hannah ___


" BIRTH: 31 OCT 1718, Milford, New Haven, CT [S3]
" DEATH: 1 JUL 1797 [S3]
" REFN: 156
Father: Samuel BALDWIN
Mother: Sarah CROSBY

Family 1: Hannah ___
" MARRIAGE: 17 OCT 1743 [S3]
Hannah ___
" BIRTH: 1722
" DEATH: 27 DEC 1812
Family 1: Israel BALDWIN
" MARRIAGE: 17 OCT 1743 [S3]

Samuel BALDWIN " BIRTH: 25 DEC 1683, Milford, New Haven, CT
" DEATH: 18 DEC 1740, Milford, New Haven, CT
" REFN: 58
Father: David BALDWIN
Mother: Mary STREAM

Family 1: Sarah CROSBY
" MARRIAGE: 9 APR 1712
+Gemaliel BALDWIN

" BIRTH: 19 OCT 1651 [S3]
" DEATH: SEP 1689, Milford, New Haven, CT [S3]
" REFN: 9
Father: Joseph BALDWIN
Mother: Hannah WHITLOCK

Family 1: Mary STREAM
" MARRIAGE: 11 NOV 1674 [S3]

" BIRTH: 1609, Cholesbury, BKM, Eng
" BAPTISM: Cholesbury, BKM, Eng
" DEATH: 2 NOV 1684, Hadley, Hampshire, MA
" REFN: 1
Father: Richard BALDWIN
Mother: Isabell HARDING

Family 1: Hannah WHITLOCK

" MARRIAGE: 10 NOV 1636, High Wycomb, BKM, Eng +Joseph BALDWIN
+Benjamin BALDWIN
+Elizabeth BALDWIN
+Jonathan BALDWIN

" BIRTH: 3 JUL 1576, Cholesbury, BKM, Eng
" BAPTISM: Cholesbury, BKM, Eng
" DEATH: 16 MAY 1633, Cholesbury, BKM, Eng
Family 1: Isabell HARDING
" MARRIAGE: 31 MAR 1598, Cholesbury, BKM, Eng


Records of The Congregational Church

Baldwin Marriages:

Theophilus to Jerusha Beecher on July 5, 1722
Samuel to Grace Buck on October 31, 1739
Theophilus to Mary Noble on November 2, 1748
Israel to Hannah Gunn on October 9, 1751
Simon to Mercy Brownson on December 20, 1752
Israel to Elizabeth Warner February 1761
Theophilus to Eunice Noble on December 30, 1762
Isaac to Hannah Davis on September 28, 1764
Asael to Esther Baldwin on August 13, 1766
Ebinezer to Abiah Chapman on April 18, 1776
Nathan to Olive Burrit in June 1779

John to Susanna Bristol on March 7, 1784

Israel Jr. To Levina Todd on July 18, 1785
Tibbels to salle Booth on September 28, 1788
Edmond to Susanna Stone on March 10, 1795
Joel to Mable Sanford on June 18, 1787
Politicans in Connecticut:

Baldwin, John (1772-1850) Born in Mansfield, Tolland County, Conn., April 5, 1772. Probate judge, 1818-24; U.S. Representative from Connecticut at-large, 1825-29. Died in Windham, Windham County, Conn., March 27, 1850. Interment at Windham Cemetery, Windham, Conn. See also: congressional biography.

Honor Roll OF Litchfield County Revolutionary Soldiers

Josephine Ellis Richards, Editor
Mary Floyd Tallmadge Chapter
Daughters of the American Revolution
Litchfield, Conn.
Town of: New Milford

Several Supplemental list are at the bottom of this page.

Name . . .. . . Source

Abernathy, James . . . . List and Returns
Adams, Benjamin . . . . History of New Milford
Avrill, Nathaniel . . . . History of New Milford
Baker, Phineas . . . . List and Returns
Baldwin, Isaac, Surgion . . . . History of New Milford
Baldwin, Isaac . . . . History of New Milford
Baldwin, Isaac, 2nd Lt. . . . . History of New Milford
Baldwin, Jered . . . . History of New Milford
Baldwin, John . . . . History of New Milford
Baldwin, Jonah . . . . History of New Milford
Baldwin, Simeon . . . . D. A. R. Lin. Book Vol. XXV
Baldwin, Theophilus . . . . History of New Milford

1790 Census of the United States
Heads of Household
New Milford Town
Litchfield County
A thru I
**Not in Alphabetical Order**
A= Free white males 16 years and above including heads of family.
B= Free white males under the age of 16.
C= Free white females including heads of family.
D= All other free persons
E= Slaves

Simeon Baldwin: one male over 16, three females
Nathaniel Baldwin: one male over 16
Ebenezer Baldwin: 3 males over 16, 4 males under 16, 5 females
Theophilus Baldwin: 2 males over 16, 2 males under 16, 5 females
Jonah Baldwin: one male over 16
Isaac Baldwin: 1 males over 16, 2 males under 16, 6 females
Abiel Baldwin: 1 males over 16, 2 males under 16, 3 females
Israel Baldwin: 1 male over 16, 3 females
John Baldwin: 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, 4 females
Asahel Baldwin: 2 males over 16, 3 males under 16, 5 females

Husband: John BALDWIN

Born: 1757 at: Married: at: Died: 1803 at: Father: Mother: Other Spouses:
Wife: Susanna BRISTOL
Born: 1763 at: Died: 1831 at: Father: Mother: Other Spouses:
Name: John BALDWIN Born: 22 SEP 1796 at: Married: 1817 at: Connecticut Died: 6 SEP 1883 at: New Milford, Connecticut Spouses: Lucy STRONG

September 20, 2002:

Email messages:


My name is Annette Frank. I, too, am a descendant of Theophilus Baldwin II marrying Jerusha Beecher. On down the line in 1843 Mary E. Baldwin married John L. Hunt. She was the daughter of Theophilus Baldwin and Rosannah McEwen. I've been in contact with Virginia Frisone and Pat Garber who are also descendants. Virginia Frisone has an extensive history done on the Baldwins, back to 1484. If you are interested I will get you in contact with her.

Do you have the Family Tree Maker program? If you do I can export all the genealogy I have downloaded or are you a subscriber to If you are I downloaded all the family trees from there from World Family Tree. These are the different trees -

Vol 4 0166
Vol 21 0093 and 0094
Vol 51 2211

Let me know if you find these or want me to send. I searched and yes, these are your same Baldwins. It has the parents of your Susan Baldwin and siblings.

Annette Frank

Monday October 14, 2002

email message

My name is Jan Rodger. My father's mother was Alice Baldwin who was also a direct descendent of Sylvester Baldwin of whom you are tracing. I haved lived in the New Milford, CT area all of my life and currently reside in New Milford, CT.

I have in my possession a 900 page book on the history of New Milford which was written by Samuel Orcutt . The history given is from 1703-1882 and includes an extensive section devoted to genealogy. There are 8 pages of Baldwins listed as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th family in this genealogy section and they are all descended from Sylvester.

Your inquiry is found in the 1st family on page 642 and goes as follows: 32. Daniel, son of Theophilus 3d and Martha Baldwin , m. Susan Baldwin dau. of John, Nov. 8, 1809. He was a baptist minister. and resided in Northville until 1846, when he removed to Farm Ridge, LaSalle Co., ILL, where he d. Oct. 7, 1860. His wife died there Aug. 23, 1854. They had 10 children.

Northville is the northernmost section of New Milford. In Northville there is a Mt. Tom which interestingly is the highest point in New Milford. Also in Northville is a baptist church which was founded by a Baldwin, (which one, I don't remember off the top of my head, but can find out for you because I have in my possession the history of this baptist church.) Approximately 20 minutes north of Northville is Mt. Tom State Park, which is part of Bantam which is the southernmost section of Litchfield, CT, still the county seat.

One fact that I do know is that there were Baldwins in CT who were involved in politics on the state level. I am very curious to know why people from this area migrated out to ILLINOIS and neighboring states as well as whatever other Baldwin info. you could give me? On the web site where I found you, the 1790 head of household census is given as a website. Also, to mention of importance, New Milford has in its town hall the complete records of the town from its settling in 1707.

Saturday October 18, 2002

Spent yesterday afternoon at the State of Michigan genealogy Library. I found the marriage record for Leo and Mable. I also found the index that listed Mable's birth certificate. The interesting thing is that both documents spell her name "Mable," while her death certificate spells it as "Mabel." No wonder there is confusion.

The marriage date is November 9, 1918. Leo was 32 and Mable was 27 (although the number looked like it had been copied over for Mable's age). Mable's residence was Imlay City, Leo's was Geneseeville. Mable's occupation is given as "Cigar Maker," while Leo's is given as "Spring Maker." That's new, I wonder what Leo was doing; maybe working in a carriage factory? Leo's mother is listed as Mary Bellinger (this is listed as his second marriage), and for Mable only the word "Sarah" is given for her mother. The minister was Howard A. Field (no "s"), and the witnesses were John Baldwin and Nettie Rutherford.

The law in Michigan forbids anyone from looking at birth certificates for anyone who has died, (I guess). For the year 1891, Mable's birth records are in book 2, page 150. There were not able to find this is Lapeer. I'll call back and pursue the State record; there must be some way to look at the records.

Sunday October 19, 2002

Message from my Uncle Leo via my father:

Hi Doug.

I got a call from Leo, he tried to send you e-mail but it did not go through. He must have your old address. He sent the text to me and I am forwarding it to you. I will send him your new address.







October 22, 2002

Here's a great email. I love it when new information arrives out of the blue ("Scott Rodger"

My husband says I have so many notes written, that I should write a book, so I decided to take a crack at writing one.

History of the New Milford Baptist Church ( now called the Northville Baptist Church) in Northville dated September 1933, Northville, CT On the 7th of January, 1814, twenty-three Christians, holding Baptist principles, met at Asahel Baldwin's , west of New Milford village to form themswelves into a church, asking the assistance of the Roxbury church(bordering town) to which they belonged,k in calling a Council. The council, consisting of seven brethren from Roxbury, Litchfield, and Newtown, met at Asahel Baldwin's a month later and unanimously agreed to offer them fellowship as a sister church in the Lord.

A call was extended to Rev. Elijah Baldwin in 1835 and he remained as pastor for five years, sixteen converts being added to the church as a result of his ministrations. In 1838 the members in Gaylordsville, who had held meetings for ten years as a branch of the New Milford church, formally withdrew and were organized under the name of Gaylord's Bridge Baptist Church.

In the winter of 1850 Albert N. Baldwin became a member.

At the annual meeting in January 1899, a committee composed of Mr. D. W. Gregory and Mr. F. E. Baldwin was appointed to select a place for the horse sheds and to ascertain the probable cash, also to ascertain the cash for putting in the Baptistry.

At the meeting of November 22, 1914, a committee composed of Rev. J. C. Gavin and Deacon W. C. Hine was appointed to arrange for a suitable celebration of the church's centennial, which was observed on December 18,1914. those taking part in this service were Rev. S. D. Woods, Rev. J. C. Gavin, Miss Elizabeth Baldwin . In 1916 on the death of Francis E. Baldwin, who was a trustee and clerk, Elizabeth hsi daughter was elected clerk and his son Albert H. was elected trustee.

March 27, 1926 Mr. Albert H. Baldwin was elected as a deacon.

Daniel Baldwin, converted in this church at the age of forty years and later ordained to the ministry here, organized several Baptist churches in Illinois.

His daughter, Caroline, whom Miss Jennette Stone remembers as her first Sunday School teacher, married Rev. E. N. Jenks and became a missionary to China. She died near the Cape of Good Hope while returning to America on a furlough and was buried at sea.

A second daughter of Daniel Baldwin married Rev. John Higby, licensed to preach by this church. One of their daughters is now a successful missionary in Burma and her sister a city missionary in Chicago.

A third daughter of Daniel Baldwin was the mother of Dr. Baldwin Kirkpatrick, a medical missionary in India.

Normand B. Baldwin, son of Daniel Baldwin, united with this church when seventeen years of age and studied for the ministry. He held successful pastorates in New York and Philadelphia. In the latter city what was at that time the largest Sunday school in the U. S. with more than 700b scholars was connected with his church. Toward the close of his life he wrote to a Northville relative "I have organized three churches."

CHURCH OFFICERS : Deacons: Mr. Albert H,.Baldwin; Trustees-Mr. Albert H. Baldwin; Church Committtee- Mr. Albert H. Baldwin; The womans missionary circle-President- Mrs . Albert H. Baldwin; The sunday school- Superintendent- Mr, Albert H,.Baldwin; Treasurer- Mrs Albert H. Baldwin


Mrs. Francis Baldwin 1895
Albert H. Baldwin 1898
Mrs. May Platt Baldwin 1926

As these are church records, these should help solidify some information you may or may not already have.

Stay in touch, Jan

Thursday October 24, 2002

From Jan in New Milford:

HI: I looked up Daniel and Susan Baldwin in Samuel Orcutts History of New Milford and this is what I found:

Baldwin Third Family

1. Baldwin,Joseph, was one of the first settlers in Milford, in 1639. He was the son of Richard of Cholesbury, County Bucks, England.1 (Baldwin Genealogy, 480.) His wife Hannah joined the church at Milford June 23, 1644, when their first four children were baptized. He removed to Hadley, Mass., about 1663. His Children:

2. Joseph, bapt. June 23, 1644
3. Benjamin, bapt. June 23, 1644
4. Hannah bapt. June 23, 1644
5. Mary, bapt. June 23, 1644
6. Elizabeth, bapt. March 1645
7. Martha, bapt. March, 1645
8. Jonathan, b. February 15, 1649
9. David, b. October 19, 1651
10. Sarah, b. November 6, 1653

9. David , son of Joseph and Hannah Baldwin, married Mary, daughter of Ens. John Stream of Milford, November 11, 1674. He died September 1689. She died May 28, 1712. Their children:

11. Samuel, b. December 25, 1683
12. David, bapt. February 14, 1685
13. Nathan, bapt. June 2, 1689

11. Samuel, son of David and Mary Baldwin, married Sarah Crosby April 9, 1712. He died in New Milford December 18, 1740. She died in New Milford February 23 1773, age 91. These are their children:

14. Samuel, b. May 10, 1713
15. Gamaliel, b. September 11, 1716
16. Israel, b. October 31, 1718
17. Sarah, b. July 30, 1721; died January 19, 1722
18. Abiel, b. November 26, 1724

14. Samuel Jr. , son of Samuel and Sarah Baldwin, married Grace, daughter of Enoch Buck of New Milford, October 31, 1739. These are their children:

19. Amos, b. August 4, 1740
20. Amon, b. August 5, 1741
21. Sarah, b. September 23, 1742
22. Amos, b. February 21, 1743-4
23. Nathan, b. July 15, 1748;m and had 2 daughters
25. Eunice, b. April 3, 1750
26. Zuba, b. December 26, 1753
27. Abigail, b. December 10, 1754
28. Lois, b. January 23, 1758
29. Chloe, b. April 6, 1760

15. Gamaliel, son of Samuel and Sarah Baldwin, m. Rebecca Herrick, adopted daughter of Benoni Stebbins of New Milford, February 11, 1741-42.

30. Samuel, b. March 21, 1742-3. His estate was in 1779, distributed in Danbury Probate to his brothers and sisters.
31. Mary, b. January 1, 1744-5; married Jonathan Giddings of Sherman. (NOTE: New Fairfield and Sherman are bordering towns of New Milford.)
32. Isaac bapt. May 6, 1753
33.Rachel; married Rev. Medad Rogers of New Fairfield, CT
34 Hannah; married Peter Waller

16. Israel, son of Samuel and Sarah Baldwin, m. Hannah Gunn (Gunn-Washington,CT name) October 9, 1751. These are their children:

34. Hannah, b. June 1, 1752
35. Jane, b. August 31, 1754
36. John, b. November 20, 1756
37. Mercy, b. March 6, 1759
38. Israel, b. March 25, 1761
39. Abiel, b. July 12, 1763
40. Content, b. February 9, 1766

18. Abiel, son of Samuel and Sarah Baldwin, m. Rachel Buck, December 12, 1749. He died September 8, 1754. Their children were:

41. Joel, b. September 27, 1750
42. Abigail, b. December 5, 1752; died June 1, 1754

I will finish typing up the rest of this tomorrow up to Susan and up to the last Baldwin listed in this line tomorrow as it is 10:00 pm my time and I'm heading to bed. We are distantly related as Joseph from Milford had a brother Nathaniel who is in my bloodline and a brother Timothy.

The rest of Jan's information came the next day:

HI: Here is the rest of Susan's line:

22. Amos, son of Samuel Jr. and Grace Baldwin, m. 1st Martha Allen, April 25, 1770. She was b. March 17, 1745, and died; and he married 2d Sally Hicks, February 24, 1789, and removed to Schoharie Co. ON.Y. about 1800. Their children:

43. Allen, b. January 29k, 1776; what is this: Minerva, b. December 13, 1792
44. Daniel,. b. November 7, 1778; what does this refer to: John, b. March 3, 1795
45. Samuel,b. November 18, 1779

32. Isaac. son of Gamaliel and Rebecca Baldwin, was a surgeon in the Revolution and afterwards settled in Waterbury as a physician, where he married Sarah, daughter of Rev. Mark Leavenworth in 1782. He removed to Sharon, Mass., about 1797, and thence to Great Barrington, where he resumed practice. He died February 21, 1814; his wife died February 22, 1793. Their children:

46. Sally, b. May 22, 1785; married Edward Field M.D. of Waterbury
47. Rebecca, b. June 22, 1787, died unmarried
48. Esther, m. Edward Field M.D. (? this is how it is printed in the book.)

36. Dea. John, son of Israel and Hannah Baldwin, married Susannah Bristol; who after the death of her husband, m. 2d Joseph Giddings. He was a Deacon in Congregational Church and was killed March 19, 1803, by the falling of a l8mb of a tree, in the woods east of Mount Tom, where there is a stone set up as a monument of the sad accident. Their children: 49. Mercy, b. 1785;a died July 28, 1808 age 23
50. Polly, b. 1788;unm;died June 10, 1872
51. Hannah,b. 1788(?) ;died October, 1806
52. Samuel, b. September 6, 1791
53. Susannah, b. August 29, 1794; married Rev. Daniel Baldwin; my Susan
54. John, b. September 22, 1796
55. Bristol. b. in 1799; died October 3, 1806

38. Israel. 2d. son of Israel and Hannah Baldwin, married Lovina Todd, July 18, 1785. He died March 20, 1788, aged 27 years. He was a school teacher. Their children:

56. Israel, settled in Greene, Chenango Co. ON.Y,.
57. Walter, b. 1787; died February 1814, age 27 years

39. Abiel, son of Israel and Hannah Baldwin, married Annis Stone, September 10, 1787, and settled in Washington, CT Their children:

58. Amelia, b. July 25, 1788; died September 25. 1833. unm.
59. Truman, b. Aug. 20, 1789
60. Hermon, b. March 3, 1791
61. Elijah, b. Oct. 5, 1792
62. Abiel,b. Mar. 31, 1795;m. Maria Ingersoll of ON.M., Jan. 8, 1823; residence in New Preston, (part of Washington, CT), where he died Sept. 22, 1827; no children
63. Annis, b. January 23, 1797; died April 15, 1798
64. Gerardus. b. March 7, 1799; died Oct. 21, 1804
65. Annis, b. Dec. 3, 1800;m. Hiram Wheaton and died Jan. 4, 1830; had Mark Hermon
66. Charles Wm. , b. Feb. 23. 1804; d. March 9, 1828
67. Julia Maria, b. Oct. 17, 1807; d. Jan. 2, 1826

59. Truman, son of Abiel and Annis Baldwin, m. and lived in Washington, CT; was Representative in 1838, and several other times and died at Great Bend, PA, Feb. 2, 1866, where several of children settled.Their children:

68. George, b. Apr. 9, 1816; a lawyer
69. William, b. Dec. 16. 1821; a Presbyterian clergyman
70. Herman, b. Dec. 22, 1823; a farmer
71. Daniel A., b. Mar. 9k 1829; a lawyer
72. John, b. Sept. 9, 1832; a lawyer
73. Charles E., b. Mar. 22, 1834; a lawyer

60. Hermon, son of Abiel and Annis Baldwin, m. Caroline Trowbridge; lived in Washington, CT; Their children:

74. George OR.TO., b. 1822
75. Susan A.

61. Elijah, son of Abiel and Annis Baldwin, m. Eliza Tomlinson, Jan. 6, 1820. She d. June 4, 1822, age 21 years. He m. 2d Ruth Ann Tomlinson , Mar. 13, 1823. She was b. Jan. 6, 1808; d. Sept. 30, 1840, age 33 years. He d. Apr. 30, 1838, age 45. Their children:

76. Eliza Aurelia, b. Jan. 4, 1824; m George W. Cogswell, Jan. 4, 1853
77. Julia Maria, b. Feb. 8, 1826; m. Sept. 26, 1849, Henry S. Wheaton and resided on her father's homestead; had Caroline, George, and Ellen Augusta
78. Betsy Tomlinson, b. Oct. 5, 1827; m. William Hoag.
79. Jerome Wales, b. June 14, 1829; died Mar. 21, 1834
80. Elijah Wheeler, b. Jan. 9, 1831; resides in Milwaukee, Wis
81. Abiel Sherman, b. Mar. 11, 1833; residence, Iowa
82. Jerome Edward, b. June 13, 1835; d. Aug. 15, 1861

This is up to the end of your bloodline as printed in the book. As I said before, there is a Baldwin 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th families. Yours is the 3rd family, I am the 4th family. For a purchase price of $ 90.00 dollars, this book can be purchased from: Reprinted by: HIGGINSON BOOK COMPANY/148 Washington St.. P.O. Box 778/ Salem, Massachusetts 01970/ Phone: 978-745-7170/ web site-www. The name of the book is "History of the towns of New Milford and Bridgewater, Connecticut, 1703-1882", by Samuel Orcutt, Author of the histories of Torrington, Wolcott, and Derby, and the Indians of the Housatonic and Naugatuck Valleys, Connecticut. Originally Printed by Hartford, Connecticut/ Press of the Case, Lockwood and Brainard Company, 1882.


Email from my father:

Hi Doug. While we were at Leo's, we called Peggy Kneeshaw and she came over with the dental tool (part of Dr. Marquis Baldwin's medical kit) so I could photograph it. It does not look like a dental device to me. She got it from her mother I believe. She does not know where any other tools may be. Blue Star Mothers (an organization that Rilla Biddis belonged to) was a World War Two organization. I do not believe there is any trace of it now.

We are going to meet with Leo, Dorothy, and Marybelle on Friday for dinner and I will ask about Catherine Thompkins (Leo Baldwin's first wife). I know nothing along this line.

The only schooling I know about for the Baldwin or Biddis' is the doctors and you already have that information.

Your Mother remembers the poem you wrote for Rilla (when she died) but does not know where it is.

Mose (Biddis) did not go to church but Rilla (Biddis/Rockett) did. She went to a church on Saginaw Street near where she lived, Presbyterian I believe. My Mother Mable Baldwin) visited the Christian science reading room often. She had many of Mary Baker Eddy books. I don't know what happened to them.

Leo was going to see Marilow tonight and tell her we would like a copy of the picture she had of the doctor.


Email from: "Annette Frank" 10/27/02 09:57AM


Sorry it has been so long since I last e-mailed. I've gone back over the files. I'm sorry, she does not have any informtion other than what you have on Susan Baldwin, no family members. She does have additional marriages to some of the Baldwin men that you don't list and a marriage date for Theophilus Baldwin and Elizabeth Canfield of Feb 8, 1682. The genealogy report lists 10 generations and 34 pages of report. It would be terribly hard to paste to e-mail. It would be easiest to copy to a disc and mail it. I believe you would enjoy all the Baldwin history. Her report goes back 2 more generations past where you start.

Daniel and Susan are the 9th generation. So, we are very distant cousins. I come down from Theophilus III and first wife, Mary Noble, and you from Theophilus III and 3rd wife, Martha Sherwood. She does not have those children listed. So hello cousin. Would you be interested on all the other Baldwins? I'm not too sure of your feelings on this since I've not heard from you. I can also give you the name and address of the submitter.

Here's to genealogy,


Monday, November 4, 2002

Trying to locate Marquis medical school; an email response:

Dear Mr. Baldwin - Patricia Tomasulo forwarded your inquiry to me. While I found a number of references to the Medical University of New York on the Internet (primarily in biographical sketches), none of the items I found gave any information about the institution.

I looked in two reference sources to see if I could find any listing (Polk's Medical Register and Directory, 1917 edition, which listed existing and defunct educational institutions; and Walsh's History of Medicine in New York, which includes information on medical schools) but found no reference to the Medical University of New York. I also checked the New York Academy of Medicine's catalog, and found nothing relating to the school.

I am sorry we could not be of more assistance. Best regards,
Colleen Bradley-Sanders, Archivist

Saturday, November 16, 2002 I was in Florida for a few days and had a chance to talk genealogy with my parents and with my uncle Leo. They tell me that Mable called my grandfather Lee, not Leo. This strengthens the idea that the twelve year old boy named Lee living with Marquis in the 1900 US census was my uncle Leo. They were living in Thedford Township, Genesee County, Dr. M.F. Baldwin as a boarder, living with Harmon Sweet, his wife Mary Sweet, and an adopted son Lee A. B. age 12. The son's birth date is given as February 12, 1888. Lee is from Michigan (as were his parents). It bothers me that I can find no record of Leo for the 1900 census. But it could be that this Lee is really Leo (who's birth date is February 12, 1887). The numbers don't exactly add up, but it's close enough to be plausible. The "B" could stand for Baldwin. I don't know what the "adopted" term suggests. leo Jr. told me that his dad went to Detroit as a teenage. he lived with relatives after marquis went to Illinois. Leo Jr thinks Lee lived with Offie or Carth before taking off to Detroit. Evidently, it was in Detroit where Leo meet and married catherine Thompkins. I should search there for records of the marriage and birth of their child. Leo Jr. also asked me to figure out what happened to Marquis' land that he owned in Genesee County. Marquis owned a square mile, 640 acres very near the town of Genesee (Geneseeville?). The land was boardered by four prominent roads in this part of the County. The land was East of Genesee Road. center and Belsy were two of the roads. I'll have to get back to Leo for the names and for the dates when marquis owned the property.

Leo Jr. also said that Marquis was a doctor, a landowner. a respected citizen, and so he probably had a lot of money, and yet he and my dad grew up in economic poverty. Leo Jr. wondered if there had been a will and where the money went. This led to a discussion of a letter that came in the arly 40's from a lawyer in La Salle Illinois. My grandmother was superstitious (I don't know the right term, fearful, maybe) about lawyers and she refused to respond to the letter. I'll try to do some very cold detective work and see what this is about.

My middle name is Lee and I always wondered where that might have come from. My mother thinks she just made it up, but I'll bet there was some kind of subconscious connection to my grandfather. I prefer to think my middle name was after him; a nice thought.

Two of Marquis' kids who died young were called Carthon and Theophilus. Later, in another marriage he used the names again. Where did these unusual names come from? Where did the strange name "marquis La Fayette come from? And what other middle names do we know and were they the names of relatives?

Sunday, November 23, 2002

From a web site called "Behind the Name (the etymology and history of first names):"

The name "Theophilus" is biblical, from the ancient Greek (Latinized). It means "friend of god," derived from the Greek theos (God) and pilos (friend). In the New Testament the evangelist Luke addresses his gospel and the Book of Acts to a man named Theophilus.

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Just got an email from my father. My uncle Forrest had a copy of a letter that told where the Baldwin family bible went. I had all but given up that quest. Here' a copy of the letter:

July 22, 1979

Forrest- I am Dorothy, age 64, sister of Paul and all the Baldwin boys.

I will try to make this short and not use your time, althou we could learn things of interest.

I have retired from the Air Force and have started to collect information to pass on to the younger members.

When mom (Kate) was living I didn't take time to ask questions- never thought of it.

I remember Aunt Mable with the beautiful auburn and curly hair and her delightful laugh. Perhaps she could give some answers.

Did you know old Doc Baldwin has a plaque in Hurley Hospital in Flint- says pioneer doctor.

Also, Norman Baldwin has the family Bible. I've written him but letters come back.

I wanted to know:

How many times Doc was married. Some say 2 some 3 times?

Did the five brothers have sisters, or were they half-sisters?

Carth had Norman and Gertrude. Johnny died very young. Leo had one son. Off and Bell- no children. Fayette or Jim had 6 boys and 3 girls. Aunt Trice (?) died in the San Francisco Earthquate in 1907.

Was it true Doc didn't believe in education for his children- only they should get to work young.

I will still search for Norman and the Bible only to get information from it. Mom did tell me dad should have had it after Uncle Carth died but Norman wouldn't give it up.

This is enough to start. Your incomplete address may not even deliver.

Dorothy Baldwin Waschek (last name not clear; maybe "Warchek")
24 East Sawdust Road
Lapeer, Michigan 48446

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Some recent findings need to be recorded. I found evidence that Marquis was a volunteer doctor in the civil war after the battle of Fredericksburg. I sent an email to a civil war historian and received this reply:

Hello Doug:

I looked in the Register of Medical Officers serving with the State of Michigan and he is not listed. There was only one Surgeon assigned to each regiment so there are not very many that actually served in an official capacity. After a major engagement when Dr's were badly needed men Dr's would volunteer their services for a short time; but, never be actually commisioned into the military. Keeping in mind that spelling errors (especially middle initials) are rampant in the various records, the man mentioned in the following taken from the Adjutant Generals report may be the man you are looking for. This was after the Battle of Fredericksburg.

"'The Governor directs that you make every exertion to take care of the Michigan wounded soldiers. Employ sufficient assistance to do so, and use what money may be necessary. Should you need any number of assistants from the state, inform by telegraph, and acknowledge the receipt of this dispatch by telegraph.

"Upon receipt of the above, and after consultation with General Joseph K. Barnes, Surgeon General who, permit me to add, is precisely the right man in the right place I dispatched the following reply:

"'General Robertson:

"'Sir: Your telegram is received. Large provision has already been made by the Surgeon General and the various sanitary commissions to meet the requirements. I have forwarded Mrs. Brainard and Miss Wheelock, with three assistants and twenty boxes of sanitary stores, to Fredericksburg, on the 10th instant The Surgeon General directs me to say that he will accept the services of ten (10) experienced surgeons, fully equipped for ten (10) days' service in the field. Direct them to report at this office. I have made provision to have them forwarded.

"It is with no ordinary pride that I record the fact that, in response to this invitation, thirty-three surgeons, with their assistants, left their business and the comforts of home to volunteer their services, without compensation, to aid their suffering countrymen at this trying period, and among them are many of the most eminent surgeons of our State. I deem it but just that I should append their names:

"Drs. Alonzo B. Palmer, Ann Arbor; D. L. Davenport, E. M. Clark, Detroit; Edward Cot, Z. L. Slater, Battle Creek; C. F. Ashley, V. G. Cox, A. F. Kinney, Ypsilanti; W. B. Smith, Ann Arbor; Gordon Chittock, F. M. Reasnor, Jackson; R. B. Gates, George Barnes, Chelsea; S. C. Willie, East Saginaw; M. F. Baldwin, Flint; Stephen Griggs, E. W. Goodwin, Detroit; E. Church, Marshall; R. H. Davis, Mason; James C. Willson, Flint; H. C. Farrand, East Saginaw; J. E. Smith, Portland; John Smith, Pontiac; J. E. Wilson, Rochester; F. B. Galbraith, C. C. Jerome, Port Huron; O. F. Burroughs, Galesburg; J. P. Nash, Marshall; W. L. Stillwell, Kalamazoo; S. Lathrop, Pine Burr; H. C. Fairbank, Grand Blanc; E. R. Ellis and L. DePuy, Grand Rapids.

"'Thousands of the soldiers of our army for their labors were not restricted to the soldiers of our state will remember so long as the pulses of life flow, with grateful hearts, the unselfish devotion and skill with which this body of volunteer surgeons labored to relieve them.

"They were not all assigned to duty at Fredericksburg; for, as the army advanced, some of them were sent to the White House, and many of them to City Point. Most of them remained so long as their services were needed, and I regret to add that a number of them returned in a greatly impaired state of health.


A second email:

Hi Doug:

The Battle of Fredericksburg was Dec 13, 1862 and was a Confederate victory.

The Union lost 1180 Killed, 9028 Wounded, 2145 Missing or Captured
Bri.Gen. Jackson Killed
Bri.Gen. Bayard Killed

C.S.A.- 579 Killed, 3870 Wounded, 127 Missing or Captured
Bri.Gen. T.R.Cobb Killed

I found the information that I sent you in The Adjutant General's 1889 history of Michigan in the War. Its still available in many libraries, It was in Part 1, Volunteer Surgeon Chapter.

From this point I would think that you will need to get into the hospital records for that time period (Fredericksburg and White House, Va) Probably a best choice would be a trip to the National Archives or maybe the State Archives. It will get tough from here on; but I am sure more records do exist as these men did have to drawn tools and provisions and keep medical records.

At the same time that I was researching Marquis' civil war records, I was trying to find out about his medical school. A couple emails to a medical historian turned up this mystery:

Dear Douglas Baldwin,

Your query was passed along to me. The reason you have not been able to find anything about the Medical University of New York is because it is not quite accurate to refer to it by that name (although you are right, if you do a Google search you will turn up a number of results for people who attended the school).

The school was originally known as the University of New-York. Medical Department. It was also known as the University of the City of New York. The University was incorporated in April of 1831, although it took some time for the medical school to get started. A faculty for the school was elected at the end of 1838, and things really got under way in 1841.

You can find a description of the early days of the university in volume II of James J. Walsh, History of Medicine in New York (New York: National Americana Society, Inc.), 1919, chapter II of the Medical Institutions Section (New York University Medical College).

I have looked through our collection of Catalogs and Announcements of the University of New York, which lists the names of medical students and graduates. I have checked all of the lists from 1842 through 1854 and your great grandfather's name does not appear either as a student or as a graduate of the medical school.

I believe that I have seen the information about your great grandfather that is posted on the web. I also did a search for the "Medical University of New York" and probably came up with the same references to other people who had graduated from there that you have already seen yourself. I will tell you that I have been able to confirm that all of the other individuals I came up with through my own Google search did appear in the lists of medical students and graduates of the University of New York Medical Department, so I do have some confirmation for the pattern of mis-naming.

I also checked two different obituary guides that we use (the Directory of Deceased Physicians, which is compiled from the AMA records) and Holloway, Medical Obituaries. No obituary information for your great grandfather appears in either of those resources.

As far as finding any information about your great grandfather's Civil War service, I don't really have any suggestion to make about who you might contact. From my own brief search (again through Google) I can see that there are many sites connected to Civil War service (including regimental histories, muster rolls by state, etc.) The National Archives does have military records for the Civil War, so perhaps you might look at their website (

Please let me know if I can be of additional assistance.


Arlene Shaner
Reference Librarian, Historical Collections
The New York Academy of Medicine


It was called The New York University Medical College from 1841-1860. You may contact Alumni relations for additional information at 212-263-5390.

Lisa Romano
NYU School of Medicine

More emails:

Dear Doug,

As I think I mentioned in my earlier message the University of New York and the University of the City of New York were the same institution. Even though people refer to the Medical University of New York, they are really only talking about the Medical Department of a larger institution. There was no Medical University of New York. Again, all of the other individuals who show up in a web search as having graduated from the Medical University of New York (or any of the other variations on the name) from the same time period do show up in the graduation lists, which I have.

Other Baldwins who show up in the graduation lists for the same time period are:
1843 - Milton Baldwin, NY
1848 - Benjamin J. Baldwin, Georgia
1849 - David A. Baldwin, NY
1853 - Jared G. Baldwin, NY

You might try contacting the Genesee County Medical Society (this is in Michigan, right?) to see if you can find out the source of the information that was used by Dr. Morrish to write his article; perhaps they have a collection of materials about your great grandfather if he was a founder of the society.

I cannot find any information about whether your great grandfather had a license to practice medicine in New York. Our information before 1862 is very sketchy. I would think that since by the time his first wife and infant daughter died in January of 1850 they were already in Illinois that it would be very unlikely he would have practiced in New York.

You should check with the state medical societies for Illinois and Michigan to see if they have old licensing records for physicians. If there are Michigan medical directories you may also be able to find out more information (the medical directories for New York city do, in fact, give information about where physicians did their training and the year of graduation, as well as information about which societies they belonged to).

As far as a record of his war service, I do think you should be contacting the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), which does have an enormous amount of information about individuals who served in the Civil War, organized by state.

Best wishes,


Thank you for contacting the AMA Archives. While our services are primarily reserved for AMA staff and physician members, I'll try and answer what I can and point you in the right direction to find more substantial information.

Do you know about the Directory of Deceased Physicians, 1904-1929? This volume was published by the AMA in the early 1990s, and is a comprehensive list of all the physicians in the AMA Physician Masterfile that died before 1929. The editors took the information off the cards that were used to hold all the info. on an individual doctor. These cards were later microfilmed and sent to two institutions:

Site#1 - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Family History Library, 35. N. West Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150; You can call their 1-800 number for the location of a family history research center near you at 1-800-240-2331.

Site #2 - The National Genealogy Society, 4527 17th St. North, Arlington, VA 22207-2399;; 1-800-473-0060.

I'm giving you these sources despite the fact that I was unable to find mention of your great grandfather in the Directory listing. Allowing for human error, however, I advise you to look for the primary source in this instance. As an FYI, the Directory is available at most public libraries, so you can take a look for yourself.

Without this entry I am unable to verify any of the information you provided me. We have no records of licensing either, and I would advise you to contact the state archives of the respective states in order to search for these documents. To find more information regarding the Medical University of New York City, I would contact the New York Public Library - perhaps their special collections dept. might have some details on the defunct medical schools in the area. I hope this provides some help - please let me know if there is anything else I might be of help with. Good luck with your research.


Laura L. Carroll, M.A.
Dept. of Records Management and Archives

Monday, December 1, 2003

It's been a while since I turned my attention to the Baldwins. I am getting a flurry of email lately so one of my long ago listserve messages about Susan Baldwin's lineage must be resurfacing. An email from Mallory Smith contained information that might be valuable concerning the line of Baldwin's back in England in the 14 and 15 hundreds. I'll copy below the information from Mallorie's email that is relevant.

(Sgt Richard Baldwin 22 Aug 1622 Actin-Clinton Buckinghamshire England bp 25 Aug 1622 one of the first settlers of Milford Ct d 23 Jul 1655 Milford =

15 Feb 1644 Elizabeth Alsop c 1624 d 1688, parents of Barnabus Baldwin) (John Alsopp of Alsopp in the Dale, Derbyshire, England = Temperance Hopkines)

(Sylvester Baldwin Jr c 1590 Aston, Clinton, Bucks, England d 21 Jun 1638 on ship “Marvin” =1619 England Sara Bryan bp 25 Aug 1602 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England d 20 Nov 1669 Milford) (Sarah Bryan Baldwin was one of the wealthiest citizens of New Haven, as her husband had died in route she married (2)Capt John Astwood of Milford)

(Thomas Bryan 1554 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England d 7 Nov 1611 Aylesbury, England =13 Jun 1586 Alyesbury, England Francis Bowling 15 Mar 1569 St Mary, Aylesbury, England d 24 Sep 1624 Aylesbury) (Thomas Bowling = Elizabeth___) (Robert Bryan = Joane___)

(Sylvester Baldwin 1560 Aston, Clinton, England =28 Sep 1590 Cholesbury, England Jane Wells ) (Robert Welles = Alice Hunt) (Henry Baldwin = Alice Kings) (Richard Baldwin)

(Samuel Newton III 26 Jun 1677 Milford, Ct d 26 Dec 1728 Milford bur Milford Cem age 51 = 29 Nov 1705 Milford Phebe Platt bp 7 Mar 1685 Milford d 12 Nov 1727 bur Milford Cem)

(Joseph Platt 1 Apr 1649 d 21 Mar 1703 Milford = 5 May 1680 Milford Marie Kellogg Feb 1661 Norwalk Ct d 1704 Milford ) (Richard Platt 6 May 1604 Ware Herefordshire England d 13 Feb 1683 Milford Ct = 16 Jan 1626 Roydon Essex England Mary Wood 10 Nov 1605 Roydon Essex England)

(Daniel Kellogg bp 6 Feb 1630 Bishop’s Stortford, Herefordshire England d 1688 Norwalk Ct= Bridget Bouten) (Martin Kellogg < bp 23 Nov 1595 Great Leighs Essex England d 20 Sep 1671 Braintree Essex england= 22 Oct 1621 St Michaels Bishop’s England Prudence Byrd 1600 Bishop’s Stortford Herefordshire)

(John Byrd) (Phillipe Kellogg 1557 England Debden Essex) (Thomas Kellogg Debden Essex England) (Rev Capt Samuel Newton II 20 Oct 1646 Hartford, Ct bp 20 Oct 1646 First Church Hartford Was Captain in King Philip’s War d 1708 Milford, Ct = (1) 14 Mar 1669 Martha Fenn 1650 bp 7 Jul 1650 d c 1682 (2) Sarah Welch c 1660 bp 7 Dec 1660 d 5 Aug 1723 Milford)

(Thomas Welch = Hannah Buckingham) (Benjamin Fenn = Sarah Baldwin c 1621 Bucks, England bp 22 Apr 1621 Alston Clinton, Bucks, England d 29 Apr 1663 Milford )

(Sylvester Baldwin = Sarah Bryan) (NOTE: Sarah Baldwin’s brother, Sgt Richard Baldwin married Elizabeth Alsop, daughter of John Alsop =Temperance Gilbert. Joseph Alsop, Elizabeth’s brother, married Elizabeth Preston, sister of Marie Preston wife of Peter Mallory)

(NOTE: Elizabeth Alsop, joined the church in Milford 5 Feb 1643. She was sister of John Alsopp of Alsopp in the Dale, Timothy Alsop, Thomas Alsop one of the first settlers at Stratford, George Alsop and Joseph Alsop who came on the Elizabeth and Anne to Boston 1635 with Elizabeth Preston’s half-brother, Daniel, and with Thomas Alsop age 20. Joseph Alsop c 1621 England married Elizabeth Preston, sister of Marie Preston who married Peter Mallory. The Preston daughters were children of churchwarden William Preston and his second wife, Marie Seabrook. They came on the Truelove Sept 1635 and stayed with William Preston’s brother-in-law, Christopher Gibson and son Daniel Preston at Dorchester, MA before going to New Haven with Rev John Davenport in 1638 on the Hector)

Friday, January 9, 2004

I've been carrying on a very pleasant email conversation with Makena Schultz. Makena was 13 when she contacted me. She has been doing genealogy and is the GGG granddaughter of Marquis Lafayette Baldwin. Below are some of the emails that Makena sent.


Dear Mr. Baldwin,

I am currently working on the Baldwin branch of my family, and I found all the work you have done on I would like to thank you for all the time you have put into the Baldwin family genealogy.

Fayette Peter Baldwin (also known as Jim) is my 2nd great-grandfather. I started out my Baldwin research with him. When I got to his father, Marquis LaFayette Baldwin, I noticed that you put a note that you have a copy of "The Bulletin: The Official Publication of the Genesee County Medical Society" that featured an article on Marquis Baldwin. Also you have a letter that Marquis wrote to the author, Dr. Morrish. I was wondering if I sent you a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would make me a copy of that article and the letter.

Also you have a note written at the end of that page saying that Frank was a fighter pilot in WWII which is correct information, but Frank was not Leo's brother he was,my 2nd great- grandpa Jim's son. Dorthy Marie Baldwin was also in WWII. She is also Jim's child. I think that William Anthony Baldwin, John Baldwin, and Marjarie Helen Baldwin were all in the war too but I'd have to check with my Grandpa John (Jim's grandson).

If you will make a copy of the two papers that would be great, but I'll need your address to send the envelope to you. Also if you have any Pictures of members of the Baldwin family copies of those would be great too.

Any thing you can send me would be fantastic. Thank you again for all the work you have done on the Baldwin family line.

Makena Schultz

Douglas Baldwin wrote:

Hi Makena

It was very nice to see your message. I thought that someday someone younger than me would be looking into their heritage and would send me an email. You are the first. Most of the time I am seeking out older members of the family or looking at records of people who died long ago. So, I appreciated your message.

You said that you got information from roots web. Does that mean that you haven't checked my website? Because I have a picture of Fayette there as a young boy. I also have copies of the medical society bulletin and the Dr. Morrish letter. Have a look at the website and get back to me. I have the orginal documents laminated but I can photocopy those for you if you want. You can of course copy the whole website too.

Here's the URL:

The pictures are at this address:

Do you have any old family pictures?

Also I have been looking for the Baldwin family bible for years. Do you know where it is?

Best wishes to you and happy new year. Doug

Dear Doug,

Thank you for replying to my message. Genealogy is so interesting to me. It is amazing the things you can find. I got started with my 4-H group, and now I can't stop. I checked out your website. You did a GREAT job!

At my house we have a picture of Jim and his sons, Jim and his Grandson John, Kathrine Baldwin (Jim's wife), and more recent pictures of Jim's son Faye and his wife (Margaret Shanley Baldwin). I'm sure that my Grandpa John has some older photos too. I'll get in touch with him and see what he has.

There is no need to copy the article or the letters because I printed them off the Internet. The pictures are cool too. There is one of a small boy and the title was "Fayette as a young boy" now was that Fayette Peter/ Jim or Jim's son?

I do have Faye and Margaret's bible but that doesn't go back very far. We don't know what happened to the older one. Sorry. It would have been cool for me too.

Did you know that Jim/ Fayette and Kathrine took in a priest named Armand? I have a letter that he wrote to John. I also have letters from a Eric T. Baldwin of Fort Wayne about some of the history, and people in our family.There is a letter from Carla Baldwin about Baldwin history. Both these were to Frank.

I'll talk to my grandpa and see what he has and knows. Thank you again. This has been so much help. Oh, and how are you related to the Baldwin's?

Thanks again,

Makena Schultz
Onsted Michigan

Douglas Baldwin wrote:

Hi Makena The picture on my website is Fayette Peter Baldwin your 2nd great grandfather (I could be wrong, but this is what I believe). Fayette's brother Leo (Lee) is my grandfather. Leo's son Douglas Wally Baldwin is my father. My full name is Douglas Lee Baldwin. I am named after my father and my grandfather.

Let me see if I have this correct: Fayette Peter is your great great grandfather. Who is your great grandfather? Your grandfather's name is John Baldwin, is that correct? So your mother's maiden name is Baldwin? Break it down for me so I get a big picture (thanks). Do you have genealogy software for keeping track of all the ancestors?

I am very interested in old photos and letters and I will publish them on my website if it's okay with you. And/or I can link to a website that you create for your family. I also usually copy emails I get and past them to my website. Do you mind if I copy your messages? You have done wonderful detective work and your good energy needs to be saved for others. Making a website is a good idea because people eventually find you.

I am very interested in the letters and contacts you have made, and I would appreciate it if you would share these with me.

I'll make the corrections you point out about Frank.

Being related to Marquis LaFayette Baldwin means you are related (of course) to his wife Mary Bellinger. This means that you are related to people who fought in the American Revolutionary War and to a family that we can trace back to a region of Germany. Have you seen the area on my website about the Bellingers? Here is the link:

By the way, I am a teacher in Saginaw, Michigan. I work with handicapped kids, mostly blind children. I have three kids in college (Noah, Tyler, Anna), two at MSU and one at the University of Toleto. My wife's name is Katherine. My Baldwin relatives are very interested in messages like yours because they knew Fayette Peter and members of his family.

Best Wishes


Dear Doug,

(There is a paragraph of personal information about Makena which I am deleting to preserve privacy. In essence what it shows is that Makena is a very bright young lady with a good deal of positive energy) She writes:.

My great great grand father: Fayette Peter (Jim)
My great grand father: Fayette Jerome (Jim's oldest son)
My grand father: John Jerome (Fayette Jerome's only son)
My mother: Margaret Elizabeth Baldwin (John Jerome's oldest child)
Then I come into the picture: Makena Riley Schultz

I do have genealogy software. It is called "Family Tree Maker". It would be fine if you would like to copy my e-mails on to the web site. I don't really know how to make my own website so I can get the pictures & letters I have to you.

Happiness from yours truly,

Monday, January 12, 2004

More correspondance with Makena:

Hi Doug,

I wanted to tell you that I just found a letter from Dorothy Baldwin ( now Waschek) to Helen and Norman Baldwin. She asked them for the Baldwin Family bible that was Doc. Baldwin's. Dorthy ( great great aunt "Dort") is now passed away, but I will write a letter to Paul and Irene Baldwin who live in Aunt Dort's house. That is wonderful news. I may be able to track down the bible.

I am sending you some pictures and copies of letters. Some of the letters don't have all the pieces but that is just how they were sent to me.

Best wishes,


Hi Makena

I was re-reading my Baldwin page looking for my notes on the family bible. I came across this sentence, something my father said to me a couple years ago; he said "... all of Jim's kids were remarkable, all were well educated; a very smart branch of the family tree." He's talking about your family! No wonder you strike me as remarkable.

Okay, about the family bible. I think it dates back to at least Daniel Baldwin-late 1700's or early 1800's (it might go all the way back to Connecticut years, but Daniel was a Baptist minister so maybe he started it; or it could be Marquis'). Marquis mentions the family bible in one of the letters from Ottawa Illinois, saying that he will sent it up to his kids in Michigan (that was in 1901). The first I heard about the bible was in the letter from my grandmother Mable sent in 1971. She said it was handed down to a niece, a Mrs. Garland, who turns out to be Carthon's daughter, Gertrude (Baldwin) Garland. Gertrude and her husband have died. Their five children moved out of Michigan. So, if we don't find other leads, we might have to locate those children or the grandchildren to see if the bible is safe somewhere with that family line.

Meanwhile, Gertrude had a brother Norman, who had a daughter Margaret (Baldwin) Kneeshaw. She lives in Grand Blanc. I got a hold of her and she said that she didn't think Gertrude Garland had the bible (that my grandmother was mistaken). She told me to contact Paul Baldwin in Lapeer. I wrote Paul and received a letter from his wife Irene. They tried to locate the family bible, but with no success. Irene e-mailed Paul's niece, Ginny, who lives in Birch Run and sent her a copy of my letter to give to her Mom, Virginia thinking that maybe she would have an idea where the Bible might have ended up, but nothing came of it.

Then I got a message from my uncle Leo saying that probably Jack Garland's wife had the bible. Jack Garland was Gertrude's adopted son who has died. This came out of the blue with no explanation. It is a weak lead, but may have merit.

Then I got a phone call from Virginia, the youngest of Fayette's children. She said the family Bible was probably "in the hands of the wife (probably dead) of the Baldwin brother who had no kids." The Baldwin brother who had no kids was Offie (Ophelia? called Off). He was married to a woman named Bell. Family gossip has it that Bell was angry with Offie (and the Baldwin family?) and therefore took the bible and did not pass it on to the Baldwin line (and would not give it to the Baldwin's). This is a little shaky, since Bell was very kind to my grandmother after Offie died. Anyway, Bell died poor in a government nursing home. She had no known relatives and all her possessions "disappeared" after her death. If she had the bible someone might have realized that it was worth preserving and kept it. That's why I check E-Bay from time to time (they have a family bible data base).

I don't know if you tracked all that. But I was amazed when I saw your reference to the bible, because it is puzzle piece that helps clarify the above confusion. If the Norman Baldwin that Dorothy wrote to was Gertrude's brother then we know the bible did indeed go to Carthon's side of the family (and my grandmother was correct after all). Also Norman had a daughter Helen (was his wife also Helen?). I have already contacted Paul and Irene, but maybe with this fresh information they can offer some clues how to proceed. If Dorothy got the bible, who might she have given it too?

It will take me a few days to get material ready to send you. Most of what I have is on the internet (in bad need of editing I see), but I can send copies of the original letters and a couple pictures you might not have. I also have a sampling of genealogy magazines I buy but never have time to read. I can send these for you to look over if you are interested.

You are quite a good detective, Makena. Thanks for the help.


Dear Doug,

I did not track as much as you have on the bible, but the Norman Baldwin that Dorothy wrote to was indeed Gertrude's brother. So we know the bible went to Carthon's side of the family. Your grandmother was correct after all. Are Norman and Gertrude Carthon's children?

I would love any information and/or copies you could give me. Doing genealogy has hooked me now I can't stop! I get really excited when I find something new, important, or interesting. I sent copies of the letters you have on your web site to my Grandpa John (Jim's grandson). I think he was more excited than I was when I told him all the info. I have retrieved. Guess that makes it all worth while.

I will be sending a packet of copies of letters, pictures, etc. tomorrow the 12th so you should be getting some info that may be interesting to you. Thank you for helping me in to the history of the Baldwins. You have done a great deal to help me. Thank You again.

Truly Yours,


Friday, January 16, 2004

Among the great collection of things that Makena sent me was a copy of a postcard sent by my grandfather Leo Baldwin. It is obviously in a young boys handwriting. The amazing thing is that the address was Detroit. I'll put the address here later (I don't have the postcard in front of me). The picture side of the card shows three young children (a mystery). There is a line at the top of the back side that says Baltimore; I believe it is an address (I have heard my father refer to the house on Baltimore). Leo signs his name "Lee." This is the first time I have seen him refer to hisself as Lee and it is proof that it is the name by which he was known from the time he was a boy.

Saturday, February 7, 2004

Here is the address on the postcard: 461 Leburn Detroit Michigan. There is no message on the card and no stamp which indicates that it was never sent. Here are the other things written on the card: on the top "Lee 85 Baltimore;" above the address "Shop. East. 1890. R;" on the bottom "65 Monroe. Lee" on the left side "saloon. 1685." below that "Randolph and congress" There is something written above and between saloon and 1685, it looks like M's. upper left (I am working from a copy) something I can't read, but another address. What is great about this is that it gives and address that can be checked in Detroit in a city directory.

I talked with my father about the postcard and he started talking about the house where he grew up when his dad was alive. The house was on Lomita Avenue in Flint. It was a three bedroom house, two story. After Lee died, he left a $500 life insurance policy. This was during the great depression in the 1930"s and $500 was a good sum. The family was able to live in the house for five years or so (just a guess). When funds ran out, the family moved to a house on Homes street in Flint. All the kids (now teenagers) had to sleep on cots in the livingroom. I realized that had they not moved to that house my father would never have met my mother.

I asked my father if Mable's family came to help out when times got hard. He said he didn't remember. He mentioned Bell again and her big Buick. Bell helped Mable, drove her around. Dad also said that there was a teacher who took a liking to Marybelle and gave the family clothes. Dad remembers a leather jacket he had "forever." that he got because of this teacher. He remebers going to school and having to eat sandwiches made from homemade bread rather than store bought bread (a sign of poverty in those days).

I told dad about my conversation with Bonnie Seames, and her telling me that Nettie Mae's husband was killed in a train accident, and that he was "a hobo". Dad said that Nettie Mae's husband did drank too much and that he was killed when he was sitting on the front of an in-urban trolly (train) in Flint. He fell into the path of the moving trolly. I really don't feel comfortable creating a history for any human being based on hearsay; leaving an impression that a man's whole life can be summed up in his shortcomings (or the things that people spoke about). That family left two daughters who did very well in life and no doubt left a long heritage.

My uncle just died, Forest, and I find it impossible to try and say what his life meant to everyone around him. There is just sadness; silence seems like the only appropriate response; you can't take 80 years and condense it down into a few sentences; it shouldn't even be tried. Forest was special and he was very very funny; he could really tell a great story. I can't say much, his death is so close and so personal for all of us.

My father remember a few other things, small tidbits of lore. After Lee died he remembers a medicine that my grandmother used. It was called "Nervina," a red liquid. He also said the house on Lomita was near a chicken processing plant where Lee (my uncle, not my grandfather) worked. All the kids worked and sent money to mable as they got older; they did this their whole lives. Dad remembers Lee's casket in the house, and "very vividly" he remembers the scene at Groves Funeral Home. One of his earliest memories at the Lomita home is playing with cars in a hallway with Forest. He shared a room with Forest.

We went to Florida a few weeks ago and spent some time with Forest's family. One story I liked was about Forest teasing Mable about a capping machine they had behind a curtain in the house on Lomita. It was for putting caps on homebrew beer. The family had vats of beer behind the curtain. This evidently would make Mable laugh because it was incongruous with her life style. Mable was a Christian Scientist and a tea lover (she used to read tea leaves). I am sure this was Lee's doing; a male thing, but a cute memory (during prohibition, I think).

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Got this interesting message this summer and am following up:

"hi i have been doing an in depth research into the baldwin family from buckinghamshire uk and have found that none of the baldwinfamily who went to the usa in the 15/16th centry were descended from the famous sir john baldwin but from john of hale and richard the two sons of robert baldwin who is posibly a distant reletive of sir john becaus sir john baldwin did not have any sons he only had daughters who mariad into the packington family dundridge manor only returnd to the baldwins in 1577 anyway let me know how yore geting on with your research.

all the best dave in uk.( member of the society of genealogist)"

Mysteries/Research Avenues/Stray Thoughts

01.Where is the Family Bible?
02.What is Susan Baldwin's line? Is the Susannah Bristol connection correct?
03. Call the Deer Park Baptist Church in La Salle County Illinois and see if they
have any records on Daniel. Tell them about the Family Bible and see what they say. 1-815-434-3703. (Maybe it never got out of Illinois)
04. I had Susan born in La Salle County for a while, but if she is related to Susanna Bristol, then she was born in Connecticut. I need a Connecticut researcher to help. You have lots of data; sit down with it and figure it out
05. Are there Civil war records for Marquis? (yes)
06. Are there Revolutionary records for Theophilus?
07. Marquis' Medical School in New York.
08. Can I get the things at Hurley Hospital, or at least take pictures?
09. Study La Salle County
10. Study Geneseeville
11. Study Imlay City, Goodland County, Almont Lapeer County
12. Profile Ship Martin
13. Find out who the mother of the two teenage kids Marquis was living with in the 1870 census when he was 45.
14. Do some more work on the surname and symbols
15. It occurred to me that Mable had one or more Bibles of her own. I wonder where they might be? Also check the records at the Court Street Methodist Church.
16. Track the Detroit house where Lee lived when he was young.

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