Scotch Settlement Parish List
Scotch Settlement Parish Records

There are 46 parishes in Ayrshire

10 are in North Ayrshire; one person identified so far from this region
18 are in East Ayrshire; 42 people identified so far from this region
18 are in South Ayrshire; 19 people identified so far from this region

01. Andossan (North Ayrshire)
02. Beith (North Ayrshire)
03. Dalry (North Ayrshire)
04. Dreghorn (North Ayrshire)
05. Dunlop (East Ayrshire)
06. Fenwick (East Ayrshire)

A. John (Captain) Paton was born here about 1614 in Meadowhead
B. Janet Paton born November 22, 1671 in Fenwick
C. Mary Taylor born about 1704 in Craigends, Fenwick
D. James Craig born February 26, 1762 on the Raithburn Farm in Fenwick
E. Barbara Craig born April 3, 1793, Fenwick
F. James Craig born January 26, 1795, Fenwick
G. Mary Craig born October 23, 1797, Fenwick
H. Ann Craig born September 2, 1799 in Fenwick
I. Margaret Craig born July 18, 1801 Fenwick
J. Agnes Craig born here June 30, 1805
K. James Craig born about January 19, 1837
L. Agnes Craig born December 16, 1863
M. Hugh Craig born September 5, 1842 in Fenwick
N. Margaret Craig born October 3, 1844 in Fenwick
O. Robert Craig born 20 August, 1848 in Fenwick
P. John Craig born 23 August, 1851 in Fenwick
07. Irvine (North Ayrshire)
08. Kilbirnie (North Ayrshire)
09. Kilmarnock: (East Ayrshire)

A. David W. Borland born here May 11, 1850.
B. Mark Braidwood married Mary Blane here; he also worked here for 16 years
C. John Millilkin was born about 1789 in Ireland. Family history says that he went to Kilmarnock Scotland in 1804
D. Magdalan Wallace, born 18 January 1802, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
10. Kilmaurs (East Ayrshire)
A. Margaret Paton was born here August 21, 1769.
B. Jane Paton was born here 22 February, 1772
11. Kilwinning: (North Ayrshire)

A. Neil Gray was born here January 2, 1803.
12. Largs (North Ayrshire)
13. Loudoun (East Ayrshire)
14. Stevenston (North Ayrshire)
15. Stewarton (East Ayrshire)
A. John Paton was born here in 1774
16. West Kilbride (North Ayrshire)
17. Ballantrae (South Ayrshire)
18. Barr (South Ayrshire)
19. Colmonell (South Ayrshire)
20. Dailly (South Ayrshire)
21. Girvan (South Ayrshire)
22. Kirkmichael (South Ayrshire)
23. Kirkoswald (South Ayrshire)
24. Maybole (South Ayrshire)
25. Straiton (South Ayrshire)
26. Auchinleck (East Ayrshire)
27. Ayr (South Ayrshire)
28. Coylton (South Ayrshire)
29. Craigie (South Ayrshire)
A. Thomas Morton was born April 12, 1804 in Craigie; died August 15, 1870 in Lapeer, Michigan
B. John Morton married Ann Wilson in Craigie in 1786
C. Jenette Reid maried John Millikin February 10, 1811 in Craigie
D. Samuel Robb III born about May 10, 1817 in Craigie (died July 16, 1867 in St. Clair County, Michigan
E. Mary Millikin born March 17, 1828 in Craigie (Hightree)
F. Ann Wilson born March 5, 1762 in Craigie; married John Morton in Craigie April 22, 1786
G. John Morton born in Craigie (Hightree) April 7, 1787
G. David Morton born in Craigie (Hightree) July, 1788
30. Dalmellington (East Ayrshire)
31. Dalrymple (East Ayrshire)
32. Dundonald (South Ayrshire)
33. Galston (East Ayrshire)

A. Martha Braidwood, born July 1795 Galston; married William Gibb June 12, 1812 in Galston
B. Mark Braidwood was born here March 28, 1804
C. Annie Allan Paton born in Galston December 29, 1846
D. Helen Braidwood born July 19, 1797 in Galston
E. George Braidwood christened March 6, 1802 Galston
F. Mark Braidwood born June 1794, Galston
G. John Braidwood born June 1810, Galston
H. Andrew Braidwood born March 11, 1813 Galston
I. Agnes Braidwood born May 1815 Galston
J. Alexander Harper Braidwood born January 19, 1818 Galston
K. Helen Braidwood married James Hamilton 1/17/1827 Galston
34. Mauchline (East Ayrshire)
A. William Wallace was born 30 September, 1771 in Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland
35. Monkton and Prestwick (South Ayrshire)
36. Muirkirk (East Ayrshire)
37. New Cumnock (East Ayrshire)
38. Newton-Upon-Ayr (South Ayrshire)

A. Mary Blane born here
B. George Braidwood and Margaret Smith were married here in about 1791
C. John Braidwood born here August 17, 1842; died April 8, 1924 in Dryden, Michigan
D. Andrew Braidwood married Mary Mc Fedries here August 31, 1835
39. Ochiltree (East Ayrshire)
40. Old Cumnock (East Ayrshire)
41. Riccarton (East Ayrshire)
A. David Wallace married Catharine McEwan here in 1852
B. William Wallace was born on the 10th of July, 1809 in Riccarton
C. Magdalan Wallace died 15 October 1809, Riccarton, Scotland
D. Jean Wallace, born 8 June 1804, Riccarton, Scotland
E. Mary Wallace born 2 October 1806, Riccarton, Scotland
F. William Wallace, born 10 July 1809, Riccarton, Scotland; died 13 December 1894, Almont, Michigan.
G. James Wallace born 27 August 1811, Riccarton, Scotland; died 27 June 1862, Richmond, Virginia.
H. Alexander Wallace, born 21 April 1814, Riccarton, Scotland; died 28 April 1815, Riccarton, Scotland.
I. Alex Wallace, born 19 March 1817, Riccarton, Scotland; d. 27 March 1817, Riccarton, Scotland.
J. Thomas Morton married Jean Millikin August 28, 1837 in Riccarton
K. Catherine Millikin married Samuel Robb III February 2, 1838 in Riccarton

42. St. Quivox (South Ayrshire)
A. George Braidwood married Helen Smith January 23, 1831 in St Quivox
43. Sorn (East Ayrshire)
44. Stair (East Ayrshire)
45. Symington (South Ayrshire)
46. Tarbolton (South Ayrshire)

A. David Wallace was born at Burnfoot (an area in Tarbolton) about 1831 to John Wallace and Margaret Mair
B. Jean Millikin was born in 1814 (July13) to John and Jenette (Janet) at Lochliehill, in Tarbolton, Ayrshire, Scotland
C. Jenette Reid, wife of John Millikin, was born in 1789 in Tarbolton
D. Catherine Millikin born April 12, 1816 in Lochlinehill, Tarbolton (died about 1883 in Macomb County, Michigan)
E. James Millikin born here August 16, 1818 (died in Metamora Township, Lapeer, Michigan February 24, 1893
F. William Millikin born April 1, 1820 in Tarbolton
47. Often, the only reference we have to a birth location is Ayrshire. Here's a list of those people:

A. William Cameron born 1816 somewhere in Ayrshire
B. Neil Gray senior born in Ayrshire
C. Robert Gray born in Ayrshire May 12, 1816
D. William Reid born April, 1814 in Ayrshire
E. John Millikin born about 1788 in Ayrshire
F. Isabella Braidwood born about 1840 in Aurshire; died February 11, 1876, Pontiac, Michigam
G. John Morton born about 1760 in Ayrshire
48. Some were from Glasgow

A. Archibald Bryce married Christina Hutson here June, 15 1877
B. Janet Mair came with her parents to the Settlement in 1842 from Paisley (a town 7 miles west of Glasgow)
49. Some were from Scottish border regions (the east side of lower Scotland)

A. Archibald Bryce was born in Peebles (20 miles south of Edinburgh) August 28, 1849
50. Some came from Central Scotland (between the lowland counties and the highlands)

A. The entire Cochrane family was said to come from Perthshire County (north of Glasgow and Edinburgh, centered around the city of Perth)
B. William Cochrane was born in Inchsconins, Perthshire, Scotland
C. Agnes Wallace, born 6, October 1797 at Linlithgow Bridge, Scotland; died 17 December 1867, Metamora, Michigan; m. James Stephens
D. John Wallace, born 11 September 1799, Linlithgow Bridge, Scotland
E. Marion Taylor was born in Loch Leaven, Fifeshire inJanuary, 1859
51. Some records only say that they came from Scotland:

A. Mary Wylie from Scotland (wife of Neil Gray senior)
B. (Robert Gray married) Isabella Fogo from Scotland
C. George Braidwood born July 1765 in Scotland and died 1838 in Scotland
D. George Braidwood born February 5, 1841, died March 20, 1934 in Metamora, Michigan
E. Anna Stephens born 1841 in Scotland, died 1918 in Metamora, Michigan
52. Some places I can't find in Scotland (yet):

A. James Craig was born February 26, 1762 in Raithburn, Ayrshire
B. Marion Millikin born April 10, 1812 in Howreading, Ayr, Scotland (maybe the town of Ayr?)
C. Robert Millikin born February 28, 1826 in Herst, Ayr, Scotland (died May 22, 1885 Bruce Township, Macomb County, Michigan
D. John Millikin born April 2, 1822 in Herst, Ayr, Scotland (I believe Herst is in Craigie Parish)
53. Some came from neighboring regions:

A. Robert Mc Kay was born in Johnston, Renfrewshire March 4, 1813
54. Some came from Ireland (Scotch Irish)

A. John Millikin, born 1790 in Ireland (Isle Magee)
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