Chapter Ten: International Mobility Center

For many years, I had the idea for a global center for the study of orientation and mobility. I envisioned the center as a multi-layered service, gathering and storing information, debating issues, monitoring future trends. For a while, I established a non-profit organization called International Mobility Services. IMS never went anywhere, mostly because I was a father and a teacher with a full case load; there never was enough time.

Years passed and the kids got older. In the early 1980s, I set up a non-profit vision clinic for handicapped children in Saginaw, Michigan, called the Special Needs Clinic. Then, in 1997 using my experience establishing the vision clinic, I set up a second non-profit agency called the Institute for Innovative Blind Navigation (IIBN). This time my aspirations for a global center for the study of orientation and mobility worked out; IIBN is a well respected international center for the promotion of wayfinding technologies.

What started out as a few files on the emerging internet (this web site) has blossomed into a large knowledge base housing three e-books. IIBN (with guidance and a partnership with Dr. Tom Hwang at Michigan State University) set up two listserves with a membership over 1,000; included are mobility specialists, consumers, inventors, students, and university staff.


This is an original page from early efforts to develop this web site. International mobility is an interesting and important area and I'll need to develop this page with more relevance when I get a chance. For now, here are some internal links to key sections of this website:

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