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Chapter Seven: The Future

We live in the most technologically volatile time in human history. We may not have been alive when the telephone was invented. We did not see the first airplane lift off the ground. But we are the generation of the internet; we are witnesses to the evolution of a planetary consciousness.

We are present at the birth of bioengineering, biotechnology, genetic manipulation. Any profession that ignores these profound changes is destined to pay the price of extinction.

On a less dramatic note, if we are to provide the best possible service to the blind and visually impaired students we teach, then we have no choice except to stay abreast of technologies now, and as they develop. We have the added responsibility of mentally projecting into the future, so that we can anticipate change and be ready for it.

oneThe impact of the future

twoThe electric fork test

threeSeven forces leading the revolution

fourImplications of future technological development

fiveImplications for society

sixImplications for education



nineScenario thinking

tenPresentation about the Future


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