Scotch Settlement Relationships
Scotch Settlement Relationships



A. Marion Borland (born September 29, 1677) married John Paton (born about 1669)
B. David Borland married Jane Braidwood
C. Anna Borland married William Reid (his second wife)
D. Margaret Borland (born about October 1799) married James Morton (born March 28, 1794)

A. Alexander Braidwood married Mary Milliken March 5, 1847 in Romeo, Michigan
B. Jane Braidwood married David Borland
C. George Braidwood married Margaret Smith in about 1791
D. Helen Braidwood married James Hamilton January 7, 1827 in Galston
E. George Braidwood married Anna Stephens July 4, 1866
F. John Braidwood married Marion Taylor December 17, 1873 in Dryden, Michigan
G. Sarah Wright Braidwood married John R. Robertson
H. George Braidwood (b.Feb. 19, 1847) married Hannah Muir (b. Nov. 19, 1846) on Jan. 20, 1869
I. Jeannette Braidwood (b. May 31, 1851) married Andrew Mackie (Mackey)- first husband (b. 1845 in Scotland) on Jan. 12, 1855

A. David Cochrane married Christine Rattray
B. William Cochrane married Isobel Gairns

A. James Craig married Margaret Paton (1700s)

A. John Downie married Jean Reid (about 1785)

A. Elizabeth Ferguson married John Rattray
A. Eliza Gilmour married Thomas B. Reid
A. Mary Gray (daughter of Neil Gray) married William Reid
B. Margaret Gray married William Robertson>BR>

A. Janet Hamilton married John Mair
B. James Hamilton married Helen Braidwood
A. John Mair married Janet Hamilton
B. Margaret Mair married John Wallace (in Scotland)

A. John Milliken married Janet Reid
B. Mary Milliken married Alexander Braidwood
C. William Milliken (Jean's youngest brother) married Christina Paton (daughter of David and Christina)
D. Jean Millikin married Thomas Morton August 28, 1837
E. Catherine Millikin married Samuel Robb III February 2, 1838 in Riccarton

A. James Morton (born March 28, 1794) married Margaret Borland 20 June 1819 (born about October 1799)
B. John Morton married Ann Wilson in Craigie in 1786 (April 22)
C. Thomas Morton married Jean Millikin August 28, 1837

A. Hannah Muir (b. Nov. 19, 1846) married George Braidwood (b.Feb. 19, 1847) on Jan. 20, 1869

A. Christina Paton married William Milliken
B. John Paton (born about 1669) married Marion Borland (born September 29, 1677)
C. Margaret Paton married James Craig (1700s) D. Mary Paton (b. 20 Feb. 1772) married John Taylor
A. Christine Rattray married David Cochrane
B. John Rattray married Elizabeth Ferguson
A. William Reid married Mary Gray (daughter of Neil Gray)
B. William Reid married (second wife) Anna Borland
C. Thomas B. Reid married Eliza Gilmour June 1893 in Bruce
D. Janet Reid married John Milliken February 10, 1811 in Craigie
E. Jean Reid married John Downie (about 1785)

A. Samuel Robb lll married Catherine Millikin

A. John R. Robertson married Sarah Wright Braidwood
B. William Robertson married Margaret Gray (in Scotland)

A. Mary Rutherford married George Bowman
B. Robert Rutherford married Sarah Wallace

A. Margaret Smith married George Braidwood in about 1791

A. Anna Stephens married George Braidwood July 4, 1841

A. Marion Taylor married John Braidwood December 17, 1873 in Dryden, Michigan
B. John Taylor married Mary Paton (b. 20 Feb. 1772)

A. Ann Wilson married John Morton in Craigie in 1786
A. John Wallace married Margaret Mair (in Scotland)
B. David Wallace married Catharine McEwan (in Scotland)
C. Sarah Wallace married Robert Rutherford


The 1851 Census for Mauchline, Ayrshire Scotland, contains the following familiar Scotch Settlement family names. At this time, I can not say for sure that these are relatives of pioneer families, but they are living in the right region of Scotland and evidence is strong that this may have been the core group that formed the Michigan Scotch Settlement. This list of neighbors would indicate that the Reids, Borlands, Campbells, Hamiltons, Wilsons, Cochrans, Gilmours, and Smiths all knew each other before the journey to North America:

The Hamilton's were in a census region (a village) called Haugh (Z/11/11). Fifteen Hamilton's are listed:

1. James Hamilton, head, age 31, sawer of wood. DFS, Penpont (not sure what this is, probably place of birth)
2. Isabella Hamilton, wife, age 29, Ayr, Mauchline
3. James Hamilton, son, age 12, scholar, Ayr, Mauchline
4. William Hamilton, son, age 8, schlor, Ayr, Mauchline
5. Jean Hamilton, daughter, age 6, Ayr, Mauchline
6. Mary Hamilton, daughter, age 4, Ayr, Mauchline
7. Margaret Hamilton, daughte, age 1, Ayr, Mauchline

Haugh (Z/11/12; end of the Village of Haugh)

8. Thomas Hamilton, head, 38, sawer of wood/ DFS/Sisdeer
9. Marion Hamilton, wife, age 38, Ayr, Tarbolton
10. Marion Walker, step daughter, not married, age 17, wool carder, Ayr, Mauchline
11. Janet Walker, step daughter, unmarried, age 15, hand sewer, Ayr, Mauchline
12. Mary Hamilton, daughter, age 9, scholar, Ayr, Ochiltree
13. Jane Hamilton, daughter, age 4, Ayr, Mauchline
14. James Hamilton, son, age 2, Ayr, mauchline

Three Wilson's are listed at the Gatehouse Barskimming census location (Z/03/17)

1. William Wilson, head,age 66, agricultural laborer, Ayr, Mauchline
2. Margaret Wilson, wife, age 65, Had, Humbie
3. Jean Wilson, daughter, unmarried, age 25, MLN, Edinburgh

Three Borlands are listed at the Barskimming Offices census location (Z/11/19)

1. John Borland, head, widow, 65, agricultural laborer and pioneer, Ayr, Mauchline
2. Isabella Borland, daughter, not married, age 27, Ayr Mauchline
3. Robert Borland, son, unmarried, age 14, Errand Boy, Ayr, Mauchline

Three Cochrans are listed at the Barskimming Offices census location also (Z/03/22)

1. Thomas Cochran, head, age 22, titemaker, DFS, Sanquhar
2. Margaret Cochran, wife, age 28, Ayr, Sorn
3. Margaret Cochran, daughter, age one, Ayr, Sorn

Eight Campbells are listed at the Barskimming Estate Highyard Farm, census location also (Z/03/23)

1. Mathew Campbell, head, age 43, farmer 83 acres, two laborers, Ayr, Mauchline
2. Margaret Campbell, wife, age 37, farmer's wife, Ayr, Mauchline
3. Marion Campbell, daughter, age 13, scholar, Ayr, Mauchline
4. Mathew Campbell, son, age 8, scholar, Ayr, Mauchline
5. David Campbell, son, age 6, Ayr, Mauchline
6. Agnes Campbell, daughter, age 4, Ayr, Mauchline
7. George Campbell, son, age 2, Ayr, Mauchline
8. William Campbell, son, age seven months, Ayr, Mauchline
9. John Hamilton is also listed as: "Serv"; U; Agricultural Laborer, Ireland

Seven Gilmours are listed at Gowkthorn, census location also (Z/03/25)

1. William Gilmour, head, age 36, woolen weaver, Ireland
2. Margaret Gilmour, wife, age 36, Ireland
3. John Gilmour, son, unmarried, age 13, scholar, Ireland
4. David Gilmour, son, age 9, scholar, Ireland
5. William Gilmour, son, age 8, scholar, Ireland
6. Mary Gilmour, daughter, age 6, Ireland
7. Jeannie Gilmour, daughter, age 3, Ayr, Mauchline

Six Reids are listed at Gowkthorn, census location also (Z/11/28)

1. James Reid, head, age 36, road surfaceman, Ayr, Loudoun
2. Marion Reid, wife, age 34, Ayr, Murkirk
3. Margaret Reid, daughter, unmarried, age 12, scholar, Ayr, Galston
4. James Reid, son, age 9, scholar, Ayr, Galston
5. David Reid, son, age 6, Ayr, Tarbolton
6. John Reid, son, age three months, Ayr, Mauchline

Six Wallaces are listed at Bilboa (a village? or a farm on an estate?), census location also (Z/03/30 and 31)

1. Margaret Wallace, head, widow, age 60, housekeeper, Ayr, Newmills
2. William Wallace, son, unmarried, age 25, agricultural laborer, Ayr, Tarbolton
3. Hugh Wallace, son, unmarried, age 23, agricultural laborer, Ayr, Tarbolton
4. Archibald wallace, grandson, age 8, scholar, Ayr, Tarbolton


5. Alexander Wallace, head, age 42, agricultural laborer, Ayr, Newmills
6. Mary Wallace, wife, age 23, Ayr, Monkton

Seven Smiths are listed at Bilboa, census location also (Z/51/32)

1. Robert Smith, head, age 33, agricultural laborer or Quarrier, ayr, Riccarton
2. Jane Smith, wife, age 33, Ayr, St. Quivox
3. Jane Smith, daughter, age 12, scholar, Ayr, Galston
4. Robert Smith, son, age 7, scholar, Ayr, Galston
5. Helen Smith, daughter, age 5, Ayr, Galston
6. John Smith, son, age 3, Ayr, Mauchline
7. Mathew Smith, son, age six months, Aur, Mauchline