Report Card for Orientation and Mobility

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Program: Community Based Education

Period Covered:


Number of lessons offered:

Number of lesson attended:

We are working for outcomes on three levels

1. Experience: To learn new layouts and routes requires an initial introduction and much repetition. Experience also reduces fear and increases confidence, setting the stage for gaining knowledge and becoming competent. Students get deserved credit for these initial and repeat lessons simply by being present for the day. If a student is present all three sessons for a quarter they get 100% completion of this goal. One absence results in a score of 33%. Three absences is a score of zero.

2. Knowledge: The next step is to begin understanding the layout, the services provided, the routes, the landmarks, and appropriate behaviors. To be able to repeat back to the teacher key ideas (differentiating a mall from a department store, defining a mall, being able to say who can help with problems while in a mall, etc.) is the next level of anticipated outcome. Each lesson has a set of outcomes listed. If the student can demonstrate verbal knowledge of these outcomes objects they receive credit.

3. Competence: The final stage is demonstrated competence. If a student can be dropped off at a mall, and be independent there (eating, handling bathroom tasks, shopping, driving the power chair without incident), then the best level of outcome is reached.

Scores for this reporting period:


If you have questions or concerns, call Doug Baldwin at 989-297-1103 or 989-793-6029 (home) or email at The mobility curriculum is available on this website:<