Community Travel Teacher Checklist

Students present:
Students absent:

Eye contact:_____
Why are we doing this?_____

Semi-independent lesson: _____
Independent lesson:_____
Time Management:_____
Money Management:_____

Body Management: _____

Good posture:_____
Center your body______
Tune the body (relax or energize):_____
Breathing practice:_____
Positive messages (mind will control the body):_____
Orientation checks (Spatial Management): _____
Sensory checks (Managing the senses): _____
Wheelchair drivers training: _____
Asking for directions:_____
Clean Glasses:
Bus rules:_____
Locker rules:_____
Lunch rules:_____

What is your job/role on the team:

Handler: students good with their hands so they can help others
Reader: good readers who can read lesson plans
Walker: students who can help where walking is needed
Writer: good writers to record the groups answers to lesson questions
Transporter: A student with a good tray on their wheelchair or who is stable while walking
Navigator: A student good with directions and layouts
Monitor: A student who pays attention to others and circumstances; someone who can help organize others
High reacher: Students with power wheelchairs that rise up.
Low reacher: Students good at bending over to pick up dropped objects
Traffic cop: A student who monitors wheelchair driving
Time cop: Responsible for team time management