Community Travel Program:


My name is: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Today's date is: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

What day of the week is it?__________________________________________________________________________________________

What time is it? _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Where did we go today?___________________________________________________________________________________________

Did you ride a city bus or a school bus?________________________________________________________________________________________

Who went with you today (first names)? ________________________________________________________________________________________

What was the lesson about today?_________________________________________________________________________________________

What did you like about today's lesson?______________________________________________________________________________________

Did you have any problems today?___________________________________________________________________________________________

Did you make progress on your person goals?___________________________________________________________________________________

Did you learn todays group goals?____________________________________________________________________________________________

At the end of each day in the community students return to the Millet Center. For many years this last hour of the day was a problem. Students and teachers were tired. We tried many strategies for bringing quality to this time, but often the kids ended up playing in the gross motor room; this was and is a good solution for tired minds. With the development of the digital camera however, we are now able to inexpensively add a richness to the final hour of the day. The digital cameras are also a means to do visual training (this is described in greater detail in the lesson sequences).

The camera allows us to document key events during the teaching day. It is also a record for the students to take home to show family and teachers. At the end of the day it offers the activity of downloading, printing, and pasting pictures in a journal. This allows us to review and summarize the school day.

The journal is a record and a review of the days activities, and it is a small survey of each student's feelings. We photocopy and keep the journals for our records. Students can take home copies of pictures and of journal pages.