Scottish Settlement
A Pioneer Community in Southeastern Michigan
(1830 to 1870)

St Clair County (Berlin Twp.)
Lapeer County (Almont Twp. and Metamora Twp.)
Macomb County (Bruce Twp. and Armada Twp)

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Fourth Book

This book is a gift from me to you

I am a local historian; a retired teacher who had the time and passion to do research and organize the results. I was deeply motivated by my own family's genealogy. This book, when it is finished, will be a gift to regional libraries where members of my greater community can benefit from the work.

The quote below gave me a sense of pride in the "local historian" label. I realized that I was part of a long and important tradition. Like a lot of work done by local historians (that term is used loosely, of course!), the quote below by Malcolm Wallace contained no publishing information and no date. It was only available in the Windsor, Ontario Public Library. Knowing when Malcolm lived, I can say with confidence that the quote- his booklet- is over a hundred years old (I write this October, 2012).

"The picturesque element in the lives of pioneers may claim the interest of antiquarians but of few others. And yet, in the minds of all thoughtful men there is a kind of dumb protest against the oblivion that wipes out the memory of most men's lives-their ambitions and strivings and petty accomplishments. Tombstones are a pitiful example of the desire to build even a frail barrier against the relentless waves of forgetfulness that flow over most human efforts, and perhaps local historians can hope to achieve no more effective results. When the pioneers, however, were our own forbears, when their qualities of head and heart have had much to do with determining our own lives and characters, it becomes a pious duty, in the old sense of the word, to acquaint ourselves as far as may be with the kind of lives lived by our grandparents."

The driving force that kept me writing was knowing that this was to be a gift to the people of Lapeer, St. Clair, and Macomb Counties.

A gift also for people with Scottish ancestry, especially those with relatives in the Scottish Settlement-a gift to my family and friends, as well.

A gift to genealogy fans and history buffs.

A gift from your ancestors. They left traces of their activities and emotions in the historic record for you to discover; they want you to remember and appreciate them.

Other retired teachers are golfing in Florida or mowing their lawns in Arizona. I get my pleasure from a winter snow storm in Michigan and the warmth of the Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University, where I write these words. I hope you find pleasure in the book.

February, 2013
Douglas Baldwin (
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There is a hope
that's been expressed in you
the hope of seven generations
maybe more

and this is the faith
that they invest in you
it's that you'll do one better
than was done

A song lyric from "May i Suggest"
by Susan Werner

Table of Contents


The Scottish Settlement; 1830 to 1870

Michigan Fever

From Wilderness to Settlement

The Native Americans

The Transportation Revolution

The Civil War

Are You related To The Scottish Settlers?

Things That Make Time Detectives Crazy

Scottish Settlement Relationships

Protestant Churches

Scottish Towns and Villages

List of the Scottish Settlement Surnames

Template Used to Record Family History

Arrival Time Line

Macomb County Pioneers

Lapeer County Pioneers

St. Clair County Pioneers


Online Resources Consulted

Genealogy and History Societies

Historical Time Line

Thank You to All the People Who Helped: a List

Future research directions

About the author of this book