Arrival Time Line


James Stuart Taylor from Kinross, Scotland comes to America in 1826. He and his wife Janet (Lockhead) come to Almont in 1834.

The Gray family comes to New York.


N.T. Taylor arrives in Romeo, Macomb County.


James Taylor comes to America in 1830. He marries and homesteads in Almont in 1833.

Robert and Elizabeth Hamilton and their son William come to America.


On June 21,1831, James Crawford arrived in New York City with his parents, Robert Crawford and Janet (Dickie) Crawford, and five siblings, John, Alexander, Robert, Jane, and Helen. They crossed the Atlantic on the ship "Allen".


Rev. John Taylor comes to Bruce, becomes minister, Scotch Settlement Presbyterian Church in 1833.

William Robertson came on the ship Chieftain in 1832.

Neil Gary and family come to America


John Hopkin comes to America with his family.

The Hopkin(s) family came with The Robertson family.

Hugh and William Reid come to America. David Taylor, his wife Lemira, and their son David H. arrive in Bruce Township between 1832/1833.

James Crawford comes to America in 1831, lives in Buffalo two years, then arrives Macomb County 1833. James Stevenson comes to America.

James and Margaret Reside and children John and Elizabeth come to America.

Mary Meloine comes to New York from Scotland with her family (later marries William Hamilton and comes to Bruce in 1837).


James Stuart Taylor and his wife Janet Lockhead come to Almont.


John and Jenny Wasson come to America.


John McKay and Jane (Gray) McKay, both born in Scotland, come to America in New York, then Michigan and settled in Oxford, Oakland County.

Robert McKay came to America in 1830, lived in Baltimore 3 years, then Nashville Tennessee for 3 years. He came to visit his parents in 1836 in Oakland County and stayed.


Robert and Elizabeth Hamilton and their son William arrive in Bruce Township.


Thomas Morton and his wife Jean Millikin Morton settle in "Bristol" (now "Almont") June 1838. Traveling with Thomas and Jean were Jean's sister Catherine (Millikin) Robb and her husband, Samuel, and Samuel's brother John Robb and his wife Mary Ann Machie.

Thomas Stevenson comes to America.


David Cochrane and his wife Christina Rattray come to America with their ten kids. They sailed on the ship Roger Stewart and arrived in New York July 13, 1839.


Hugh Wiley, Bruce Twp in 1840 census listed with no family members (so was in Bruce prior to 1840).


William Hamilton and Jean (Downie) Hamilton, with three children, William B., Jennette, and Margaret come to Berlin, St. Clair County.

John L. Hamilton, his wife Mary Dunsmore, and their children left Scotland June 5, 1841 and sailed to Montreal, Canada, arriving July 22.


John Allan and wife Janet (Gardiner) Allan came in April, 1842. Jessie Allan born in 1841 in Scotland, immigrated with her parents in 1842.

Three brothers, George, Mark, and Alexander Harper Braidwood come to America. They sailed on the ship "Lady of the Lake"

John and Jennett Reed come to America.

Gavin Hamilton comes to America.

John and Janet Marshall and their son Charles (3 months old) sailed from Glasgow, Scotland and arrived at the port of New York May 4, 1842. They sailed on the ship "Lady of the Lake"


David Marshall comes to Almont in 1843, then lived in Imlay Township. In 1891, age 86, he returned to Scotland and died there May 24, 1892 at the home of a nephew in Fifeshire. (Dee, 1978)


John Milliken, his wife Janet Reid, and a nephew John Reid sail to America on the ship Brilliant.

July 11, 1844 William and Janet (Bowes) Wallace leave Scotland (from Liverpool) for America; they arrive in New York on the ship Alabama August 29, 1844 on their way to Metamora Township in Lapeer County. Listed (beside the Wallaces) on the passenger list are Jane and John French and William and Grace Stephen- so friends could have been traveled together

John French Sr., his wife Jean Stephen and their son John from Kilmarnock Scotland come to Almont.

Robert and Jannett (Mair) Borland come to America. Janet's sister Marian Mair also came.

John Braidwood comes to America at the age of 7 months. He comes with his mother Mary (age 22), grandmother Braidwood (age 72), his aunt Margaret (age 20), and with his brother George (age 2). They sailed from Glasgow May 24, 1843 on the ship Superb.

John Muir comes to America.

James Morton immigrated to Michigan in 1844.

Hugh and Jennette (Robb) Reid arrive in Berlin Township.


The Mair siblings, Andrew, Robert, James, and John Mair left Scotland and came to Michigan. They sailed on the ship Trident; arrived New York May 28, 1845.

Peter Ferguson comes to America; moves to Almont in 1846.

John Millikin comes to America.


William Millikin comes to America.


Adam Watson comes to America.


John Downie and all his family come to Almont.

William Muir and his wife Janet Gilmour come to Almont.

Charles Ferguson and Charlotte McHardy, both from Scotland came to New York in 1842; moved to Almont in 1848.

William D. Morton, born Paisley, Scotland, comes to New York, July 10, 1848, with his parents, William L. Morton and Elizabeth (Buchanan) and his brother John, and sister Margaret. They came on the ship Madawasa, after sailing from Glasgow.

Thomas McIlwrick comes to America.

Daniel Thompson comes to America.


Robert and Isabella Gray come to America


John Stevenson comes to America.

William Wiley is listed in the 1850 Federal census living in Michigan with three children (so was in Bruce prior to 1850). William arrived in Michigan with his family after 1840, but before 1846.

John Muir comes to America.


David Paton (at age 39), his second wife Elizabeth, age 29 (Elizabeth Woodburn-Christina's younger sister-and the seven kids from his first marriage to Christina Woodburn), Christina age 14, David, age 12, John age 9, William age 7, Annie age 4, Alexander age 2, and Andrew age 10 months, along with David's mother Ann, age 70, and his sister Elizabeth, age 45 and her husband John Hamilton, age 45 sailed from Glasgow in May, 1852 on the ship Conway, arriving in New York in June, 1852. The family name is spelled incorrectly as Patson. John and Elizabeth Hamilton are traveling with three younger people, Jane, age 21, John, age 18, and James age 12. Paton records say the Hamiltons had no children, so who these three are is yet to be determined. There is also a William and Jane Hamiltion and six kids on board the Conway, and additionlly, a John Hamilton traveling with six younger people. There are also Marshall, Robertson, and McArthur families on this ship.

David Wallace and Catharine (McEwan) Wallace arrive in the settlement and stay with the pioneer William Wallace family. They sailed on the ship Mortimer Livingston; arrived in New York August 2, 1852. They are listed side by side as Cath Mc Ewin and David Wallace. Also on board were members of the Cochrane family, Charles (1823), Isabella (1826), Cath (1828).

John Borland comes to America.

Dougald Thompson comes to America.

Robert and Christine (Sommerville) Taylor and their children Robert, Ann(a), James, Christine, Maggie (Margaret), and Mary (Marion) arrive in Lapeer County. They crossed the Atlantic on the ship Wacousta from Glasgow, arriving in New York July 17, 1852. Also on board were Christine's parents Robert Somerville (1792, age 60) and Christine.

Anna Reid came to America in 1852.

Elizabeth Morton immigrated in 1852 to Michigan.


Thomas Borland II, his wife Janet Wilson, and their three boys, David W., Thomas J., and James W. came to the settlement May 9, 1953.

Gavin Hamilton and his wife Ann come to America between 1852 and 1854 with their six kids, Gavin, James, Mary, Margaret, John, and Andrew.

James Craig, age 30, arrives with his wife Jemima (Wilson), age 23, and their three kids David, age 4, Daniel age 2, and Jemima, age 6 months. They sailed on the ship Glasgow and arrived in New York City, May 7, 1853. They were in Bruce Township by the 1860 census.


Hugh Reid, his wife Mary Kerkup, and their twelve year old son, John K. come to Almont.

William and Jennette Anderson come to America

James, Kate, and John Rattray come to America

John K. Reid comes to America


John Hamilton and his wife Margaret (from Ireland) come from Canada with their daughter Margaret between 1855 and 1857.


Charles Morton, born in Kincairdineshire, Scotland, comes to Genesee County, New York in 1843, and then moves in May, 1857, to Almont.


Thomas Ovens from Biggar, Scotland comes to Almont with his three sons.


John Campbell comes to America.

1864- maybe?

Dr. William Greenshilds comes to America


William Glover comes to Almont.

John Stevenson from Perthshire, Scotland settles in Goodland Township, Lapeer County with his wife Jane McMillen from Argyleshire, Scotland.


John and Jean (Jane) Stevenson come to America with children.


Elizabeth Gilman (Gilmore) and family members come to America.


Archibald Bryce comes to Montreal, then to Almont. His wife Mary and son Colin join him in 1883.