Student Outcomes: A Summary

A major purpose for writing this section on the future is to establish a set of outcomes for the education of blind children. We can now see clearer what it is that school aged students need to understand to survive and be successful in their high tech future. These outcomes arise out of the communications and biotechnology revolutions.

These outcomes are sophisticated. The preschool child cannot be expected to grasp these concepts, nor probably can the elementary aged child. At young ages children are learning the basic skills that are the foundation for accomplishing most orientation and mobility outcomes. Most of these outcomes will be accomplished in late middle school and high school.

oneStudents will understand the recent paradigm shift from the industrial age to the communications age. They will learn the language of cyberspace and they will articulate the implications of the paradigm shift.

twoStudents will be able to navigate in cyberspace.

threeStudents will understand the need for life long learning. They will plug themselves into the global information network, draw from it, and contribute to it.

fourStudents will understand that they now have the tools to teach themselves, or to converse with teachers, fellow consumers, and product manufacturers.

fiveStudents will appreciate the need for a global perspective (say why it impacts on their lives).

sixStudents will discuss the evolution (history) of the communications and biotechnology revolutions, and they will project possible scenarios. They will know how to track the unfolding of these scenarios; they will know how to monitor developing technologies.

sevenStudents will understand the need for flexibility and tolerance in this rapidly changing world.

eightStudents will understand how technology impacts on their navigation

nineStudents will understand how technology impacts on their mobility

tenStudents will understand how technology impacts on vision and low vision


Data glove cane (antennae cane)

Watch out for data glove technology and the evolution of the laser cane. There is no reason why a cane can't become like an insects antennae, a true extension of the sense of touch. The data glove can make this a reality, and the laser cane is the logical instrument to accept the emerging technology. Those of us who have been avoiding the high tech cane had better rethink our training scheme. Our students will have to be prepared for a world of high tech canes.

Talking world: ATM's

computers that understand human speech

talking landmarks (street signs)

universal translation

Computer workstations

PC's make everyone into potential leaders, ie. they put each individual in a position to communicate and defend their ideas, motivate others, and display commitment, all through electronic communication through workstations.

data banks: maps, routes, transportation schedules, layouts, ETA's, etc.

proliferation of highly individual networks

linkages: University programs (ask the professor), regional mobility specialists; E-mail


paying bills


expert systems

committee work

agent research and data gathering and organizing

virtual schools


self-testing (on screen testing of acuity, contrast sensitivity, etc.)


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