Marquis La Fayette Baldwin

Birth Record: I don't have the original document, but he was born in Northville Village, New Milford Town, Connecticut on August 18, 1822 (maybe 23, there is some confusion).

Marriage Record: Marquis was married three, maybe four times. His first wife was Elizabeth E. Fargo. They were married on October 6, 1847 in New Milford, Litchfield County, Connecticut. Elizabeth died in childbirth along with her infant daughter on January 20, 1850 (Marquis would have been 27 or 28) in La Salle County, Illinois. I found an internet record from La Salle County in 1850, showing an Elizabeth Baldwin dying from child birth complications in 1850 at the age of 20 (so she was born about 1830 and was married to Marquis when she was seventeen in 1847).

The second marriage is a mystery. The wife's name is unknown and the date and place of the marriage are unknown. Evidently, there were no children from the second marriage. The "record" where I got the information was the Bulletin of the Genesee County Medical Society (Michigan). I won't abandon the search until I feel more confident one way or the other.

The third marriage was to Martha Cone, (probably in Genesee County, Michigan). Martha died of Typhoid Fever on the 22nd of September, 1869 in Genesee County (Martha was born in 1836 in Connecticut). They had two children together but the "kids died young." (?) Maybe this information, taken from the Genesee County Medical Society Bulletin is about Elizabeth Fargo's two kids, because one of Martha's kids, Agnes, did not die young. In the 1870 census Marquis is listed as living alone with two teenage children (who were born in Massachusetts; what is this about?), Lizzie, a girl age 12, and Willie, a boy age 14. He was 48 at this census. His first child with Martha Cone was in 1867, when he was about 45.

The fourth marriage was to Mary Bellinger, my great grandmother. I have no official record of the Bellinger marriage, but it was probably in Genesee County. Also, they had to have been married before 1874 when Carthon was born. They are together in the 1880 census with four kids. Marquis was 52 in 1874. Mary was single and living with her parents in the 1870 census, so the marriage was between 1870 and 1874. Since it took nine months for Carthon to arrive, the best guess is between 1872 and 1873. (So what happened to the two kids from Massachusetts who were living with Marquis in 1870?)

Four wives:

01. Elizabeth E. Fargo; October 6, 1847 in New Milford, Litchfield County, Connecticut. Marquis was 25. (a Gedcom record says that they were married in La Salle County and had the kids there)
02. Unknown wife; married between 1850 and 1867. (was there really a second wife?)
03. Martha Cone Married before 1867
04. Mary Bellinger between 1879 and 1874 (probably 72 or 73). This would make Marquis about 50.


With Elizabeth E. Fargo:

01. Curthon, a boy, born in 1848
02. Infant daughter who died with her mother at birth

With Martha Cone:

01. Theophilus Baldwin, September 1, 1867, died at 2 yr 12 months, from a brain fever, born in Michigan,
02. Agnes Baldwin, born Jan 26, 1868, born in Genesee Twp, Michigan (married 25 Sept 1897 to Ord Burns, died 29 Apr 1902 Burton, Genesee Co, MI)

With Mary Bellinger:

01. Carthon P. son, born 16 Jun 1874, in Michigan
02. Theophilus, son, born in Michigan in 1876
03. Agnus, daughter, born in Michigan in 1875
04. Victoria, daughter, born in Michigan in 1879
05. Beatrice daughter, born 19 Apr 1881 Genesee Twp, Genesee Co., Michigan <
06. (La) Fayette Baldwin, born 15 Jan 1883 Geneseeville, Genesee Co, Michigan.
07. John B. Baldwin, born 10 Mar 1885 in Michigan
08. Leo Baldwin, born 17 Feb 1887 Geneseeville, Genesee Co., Michigan

Note: Agnes would have been 12 in the 1880 census, the same age as "Lizzie." But Agnes was born in Michigan not Massachusetts. So we have two kids that shouldn't be there in 1870 and one kid missing!

Death Record: While visiting his sister (and relatives and friends) in Ottawa, Illinois, Doctor Baldwin died January 1, 1902. I have a copy of the death certificate from the La Salle County Illinois Clerk:

"Ottawa, Illinois, January 2, 1902. This is to certify that Fayette Baldwin a resident of Ottawa Illinois died at number 714 First Avenue street in the first ward on the first day of January 1902 at the age of 79. White male, American, Doctor. Cause of death was cerebral hemorrage. Attending doctor was E.H. Butterfield."

Obituary: Obituary from South Ottawa, Illinois (can't see what newspaper this was taken from):

Dr. Lafayette Baldwin, whose death from paralysis at the home of his sister Mrs. Howland on First Avenue, the dailies(?) having mentioned was one of the first early settlers of La Salle County, having located in Farm Ridge in '46 (1846). He owned a farm now known as Rees place near Grand Ridge, from which he moved to Flint, Michigan where he practiced medicine for forty years. During the civil war he served as surgeon in the army of the Colonial. The doctor was a genial, courteous gentleman and formed many warm friendships in his brief residence of a little more than a year in South Ottawa. He was born in Milford, Connecticut, 79 years ago. Besides his sister Mrs. Howland, he leaves surviving eight children.

Church Records/Religion: He was a Baptist as was his father and generations before him, but later became a Catholic.

Family Bibles: There is (was) one, but we cannot locate it. It originates from at least as far back as Marquis' father Daniel Baldwin, but may be even older.

Cemetery Record:

Will and Probate Records: The County Clerks at both the La Salle County, Illinois, and Genesee, Michigan offices do not show any records concerning Marquis. Evidently, he did not leave a will.

Property; land records:

Military Record/Draft Registration: During the Civil War, he was sent to the Army of the Potomac as a surgeon from the State of Michigan. He was a volunteer doctor sent to Fredericksburg after that bloody battle left over 9,000 wounded union soldiers. There is information about him (listed as Dr. MF Baldwin from Flint) in The Adjutant General's 1889 history of Michigan in the War. It is still available in many libraries, records are in Part 1, Volunteer Surgeon Chapter. The Battle of Fredericksburg was Dec 13, 1862 and was a Confederate victory. Marquis was sent to civil war duty in 1863.

Occupation/Volunteer work: Medical doctor first in Illinois, then in Geneseeville, Michigan, and for forty years in Flint, Michigan. There is a record of his having been a school inspector for Genesee Township in 1858 and again in 1860, and he served as supervisor in 1862.

Educational Records (yearbooks, etc.): According to the article in the 1948 Genesee County Medical Bulletin, Marquis got his medical degree at The Medical University of New York City in 1850. A search of graduates from this university did not show Marquis as a graduate or as a student. This is a mystery.

The school was originally known as the University of New York Medical Department; also known as the University of the City of New York; incorporated in April of 1831; a description of the early days of the university is in volume II of James J. Walsh, History of Medicine in New York (New York: National Americana Society, Inc.), 1919, chapter II of the Medical Institutions Section (New York University Medical College).

Political Affiliations: He started as a Democrat (attended the Democratic convention in Lansing in 1883; elected as a delegate March 3, 1883), but became a Republican later in life. He was the Genesee Township School Inspector in 1858, and in 1866 was the founder (one of the founders?) of the Genesee County Medical Association.

Groups/clubs/Society Records:

Pictures; Audio Recordings; Documents; Personal Notes:

Spelling Variations: One of Marquis' sons (with Mary Bellinger) was Carthon Baldwin. Marquis' first child (with Elizabeth Fargo) was Curthon. I think Curthon died young. I am wondering where this name came from and if "Curthon" isn't a misspelling on the early records (should have been (was) Carthon?). "Bellinger" was spelled "Ballinger" on one of the legal certificates (can't remember which one; maybe a census). Marquis is referred to as "Marcus" sometrimes and "Marcus" is a common Baldwin name in early Connecticut. "La Fayette" is sometimes shortened to "Fayette".

Obviously, the name "Marquis de Lafayette" comes from the French Revolutionary war hero of the same name. Daniel and Susan Baldwin (Marquis' parents) were born shortly after the United States won it's independence from Great Britian. A strong argument can be made that the Revolutionary War was won because of the alliance with France. After the war, there were strong national feelings of brotherhood with the people of France. The Frenchman La Fayette was a war hero, so it is not surprising that Daniel and Susan named one of their children after the great General Marquis de Layfette.

It's worth a moment reflecting on LaFayette's role in American history. The Frenchman Marquis La Fayette was a Major General in the Revolutionary Army of the United States. He served on the staff and became a good friend of George Washington. He played a vital role in the decisive battle of the War when Cornwallis was defeated at Yorktown. After the American victory, La Fayette returned to France where he played a role in the French Revolution. In 1824 he returned as a hero to the United States (our Marquis was born only a couple years prior to this visit). In July, 2002, the United States Congress made Marquis La Fayette an honorary citizen of the U.S.

Addresses/Migration Record/Passenger Ships/City Directories: Since Marquis' first wife died in 1850 in La Salle County Illinois, and the first child (Curthon) was born in 1848 in La Salle County Illinois, and since they (Elizabeth Fargo and Marquis) were married in New Milford Connecticut in 1847, this means that they left New Milford right after they got married. We know that Marquis' father and mother (Daniel and Susan) left New Milford in August of 1846 to go to La Salle County. So, Marquis followed his family west. The obituary says that he came to Farm Ridge in 1846, the same time as his family; something is off by a year or so. We don't know exactly when he got to Michigan, but we do know he was there by 1868.

United States Census Record for 1850 (Marquis was 28): From La Salle County Illinois: Elizabeth Baldwin, address: Eden; age 20; unknown place of birth, died December (1850?) in "child bed;" length of illness 6 weeks.

United States Census Record for 1860 (Marquis was 38):

United States Census Record for 1870 (Marquis was 48): Census Place: Township of Genesee, Genesee County, Michigan. Shows Marquis as head of household at age 45 (a doctor) with no wife listed. There are two children I don't recognize (and the image is blurred), a girl age 12 (born in Massachusetts), it looks like "Lizzie," and a boy age 14 (born in Massachusetts), it could be "Willie." The census does not indicate son or daughter. The age of 45 seems not correct because it would mean that he was born in 1825. I have him born in 1822 or 23. The 1880 census puts his birth year at 1823 (maybe 22).

Mary Bellinger is still single on the 1870 census, living with her parents, Soloman and Margaret (Morris) Bellinger in Burton Twp, Genesee Co, MI. So she did not marry Marquis until after 1870. Carthon was born in 1874, so between 1870 and 1874.

United States Census Record for 1880 (Marquis was 58):

Census Place: Township of Genesee, Genesee County, Michigan. Gives Marquis' birth year as 1822/23 in Connecticut. His age is 57. He has his medical degree. He is married to Mary Bellinger. His father's and mother's birth places are listed as Connecticut. Mary's age is 30. Her father and mother were both born in the state of New York. Living in the house are Carthon, son, age six, born in Michigan; Theophilus, son, age four, born in Michigan; Agnus, daughter, age three, born in Michigan; and Victoria, daughter, age one, born in Michigan.

United States Census Record for 1900 (Marquis was 78): Thedford Township, Genesee County shows Dr. M.F. Baldwin as a boarder living with Harmon Sweet, his wife Mary Sweet, and an adopted son Lee A. B. , age 12. The son's birth date is given as February 12, 1888. Harmon is from Ohio (parents from New York) and Mary is from New York (parents also). Lee is from Michigan (as were his parents). It bothers me that I can find no record of Leo for the 1900 census. But it could be that this Lee is really Leo (my grandfather), who's birth date is February 12, 1887. Or, Leo may have been living with relatives. My dad said he was on his own by age 12. Marquis was 77 on this census date, and would die in Illinois in two years. Lee's parents were listed as coming from Connecticut for the father and Michigan for the mother. Marquis was from Connecticut, Mary was born in Michigan, so this supports the theory that Lee is Leo. Mary must have died before 1900 (?).

Mable called Leo "Lee." This adds further evidence. Also, Leo went to live with relatives after Marquis went to Illinois. As a teenager, he moved to Detroit.

LDS Search: I have checked this a dozen times and gotten information that I already have. However, this last time I realized that there is another Marquis Lafayette Baldwin in Missouri. How likely is it that there would be two Marquis LaFayette Baldwins on the planet. There must be some connection. There are more Marquis' and Marcus' in the New Milford Connecticut area, so this is a family name like Theophilus, that has been handed through the generations.

Gedcom Search:

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Ancestry Plus Search: I checked the 1830, 1840, 1850, and 1860 census reports through Ancestry's data base but found nothing (searched all of the US). There are four general hits for Marquis (reports from four individuals; two of the reports have bad data for sure and the other two are suspect). There are other Marquis La Fayette's for a similar time period also.

PERSI Search:

Location Descriptions (The places, political boundaries):

Time Line Descriptions (Culture, technology, conditions, major events of the era): The American Civil War lasted four years from 1861 to 1865; Marquis lived from 1822 to 1902. He was 39 when the Civil War started. Between 1840 and 1850, 5 new states were added to the Union: Florida, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, and California, making a total of 31 states. Four new territories were also added: Oregon, Minnestota, New Mexico, and Utah territories.

Current Focus:

01. See if he left a will in Genesee County or La Salle County (doesn't appear so)

02. What happened to the one square mile of land in Genesee County?

03. Fill in marriage info. Locate all four marriages (may have to go to the census reports and to other states). Check for a marriage in Massachusetts

04. Search the 1860 census.

05. Search the 1850 census.

06. Where did he apply for a medical license, NY? Ill? Mich?

07. What happened to the land he owned in Illinois (Rees place near Grand Ridge).

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